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Enhancing a long-term return for your business, therefore, providing you with a profitable venture. " SIR Creative Design Inc. 's vision is to provide creative solutions while adapting to the ever-changing world of technology that allows business to communicate effectively with their targeted audiences. Knowing that the traditional SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis would be applied to what this corporation may face in or near the future.

Company manager that create this type of analysis do so to establish an overview of the strategic situation based on internal resources and external situation such as weakness and operational threats. Conducting a SWOT analysis if accurately used can maximize the companies strengths and opportunities as well as minimize the nakedness and threats and determining how often to revisit the analysis may have some implications. Having this knowledge and understanding that there are limitations to the SWOT analysis will have a positive effect on the business.

What this means is that there are times that what are assumed as real strengths may be exaggerated which may real threats to be restrained, there can be times where the same analysis may be inactive which may risk seeing change, could even eliminate an unseen strength or another type of strategy and although you have added strength in the equation that strength may to be a necessity for the competitive advantage. Keeping these factors in mind when conducting SWOT analysis for SIR Creative Design Inc. ND it has been decided that the same analysis once completed will be revisited on a quarterly basis rejecting the semi or annual revisit due to the fast pass changes in technology to include, but not limited to system programs, updates and other tools needed with-in the industry.

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SIR Creative Design Inc. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis encapsulates strengths and weaknesses while also describing opportunities coupled with threats that this corporation may confront.


  • Geared toward businesses looking to improve business.
  • Strong background in design and marketing development.
  • Employees are Bachelor higher degree holder's with-in the industry.
  • Strong innovative design expertise.
  • High quality processes and procedures.
  • Strong marketing research division.
  • Strong can do attitude.
  • Up to date computer hardware to include software.
  • Up to date systems IT.
  • Strong belief in corporation vision statement and values.
  • An atmosphere of quality and relaxation, adopted from Google.
  • Strong sense of quality.


  • The opportunity to develop marketing techniques that may not be appealing to some clients attempting to stay old school or with-in the parameters of outdated marketing guidelines.
  • The constant updating of software time.
  • The pressures of commitment on project due dates.
  • Moral and commitment interruption.


  • The growing market for the ever-changing world of technology and development.
  • Allows open opportunities to competitor vulnerabilities to include capabilities.
  • An influence with-in the industry showing dedication.
  • Staying at the top of the chain in the industry or market place by keeping up tit innovation.


  • Competition from competitors adopting like techniques
  • An increase of theft of design techniques and or data from secured channels.
  • Loss of key personnel.
  • Becoming a target of personal sabotage to computer or systems (IT) targeted by employee or other aggressor.
  • Continues virus threats.
  • Along with conducting the SWOT analysis there are social responsibilities trends that SIR Creative Design Inc.
  • Has become aware of such as the economic and legal responsibilities that may be incorporated with-in the strategy plan.

SWOT Table

External Factors Factor Trends


SIR Creative Design Inc. Uses only the best technological devices around Supply Chain management requires additional investment continue updating software Huge new markets with-in the U. S. Adoption to our cultures and values and the availability of duplicating or improving activities
Growing demand provide exception growth opportunities


  • Improved economic conditions will provide suitable more location Greater disposable income will prompt some buys to seek more expensive alternatives.
  • Commercial real estate recovery will provide more restaurant locations domestically.
  • Economic collapse and loss of client or customers could lower prices.
  • Global economic recovery is remaining consistent

Legal and Regulatory

  • Strong Community Activity Establish strong relationships with New business partners
  • Companies adopting values becoming like companies
  • Increased regulation in the USA could raise labor costs.


  • Strong history of supporting community activities creating
  • Jobs Increasing public disapproval advertising techniques
  • Show a commitment to social events friendly initiatives
  • Job availability infractions could create social backlash
  • Consumers place greater importance social beliefs

Economic & Social Responsibility

Economic responsibility is an essential social task of SIR Creative Design Inc. The corporation's managers have a responsibility to the owner of the corporation to ensure revenues are maximized to the shareholder. That being said, it is also the responsibility of those same managers to ensure that costs to the surrounding community are reasonable. There is also the responsibility of providing Jobs from with-in the community as well as paying taxes to local, state and federal agencies. SIR Creative Design Inc. As taken this into account offering employment opportunities such as in administration, design, Janitorial, marketing, sales, IT and security, to any and all residents of its facilities located with-in the community. Appropriate agencies (State, Local and Federal governments) have also been included in the equation so as to continue keeping up with its economic and social responsibilities.

Legal Responsibility

It is the responsibility of all business, organizations, and corporation small and large to observe both related and non-related to business activities and regulations such as the Consumer Product Safety Act.

It is also the responsibility of SIR Creative Design Inc. To follow and adhere to any and all guidelines, regulatory footprint and following strict pollution laws SIR Creative Design Inc... By following the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act and The Truth and Lending Act SIR Creative Design Inc. Show that it is following all procedures to the fullest extent of the law. Having the awareness of technological changes is important to not Just SIR Creative Design Inc., But to all businesses. Adopting and updated technological changes into current operations can initiate improvements in existing production and marketing techniques.

Technology can assist in the improvement with-in the corporation such as opening newer markets or it can decimate an existing one. SIR Creative Design Inc.'s technology improvements are an anticipated activity and keeping up with the growth of businesses and future business.


An extremely important factor having an absolute impression on the future outcome of failure or success of SIR Creative Design Inc. SIR Creative Design has developed systems that involve strict privacy measures enabling this corporation to meet its goals.

We must be stable in meeting the conditions with-in the competitive environment, placing realistic requirements on our resources and we must achieve everything successfully. Setting the goal of being exact, quantifiable, attainable, realistic and timely. Staying in front of our competitors with first line and continuously reconfiguring the SWOT analysis and reviewing our competitor's SOOT Table Internal Factors Maintain the importance of absolute impressions and realistic goals Rapid growth could cause investment in new creativity to lag behind Building presence in emerging markets. Setting more than attainable goals my prove to be damaging

New business are finding newer ways of advertising with in the social markets Culture Presenting the can do attitude among all employees adapting always to a changing environment Diversity may not always be accepted To grow culturally and the ability to adopt new ideas based on culture


A combination of cultural interaction Leadership Having the best leadership and the ability to improve leadership Authority control and miscommunication Increase awareness of Job performance along with Job advancement with-in the business Loss of key personal Increasingly high performance of managerial skills

Here at SIR Creative Design Inc. culture is important, it must be solid and starts with our vision statement "SIR Creative Design's vision is to provide ingeniously creative solutions creatively adapting to the changes in technology to include programming allowing you to communicate with your targeted audience effectively. " Diversity is key for this corporation because of our interactions and opportunities. Our employees are treated with dignity and respect regardless of any situation. We encourage the customers to include vendors be treated in the same manner. It is our belief that if we empower our employees we in return will receive better performance and productivity.

Leadership is where all corporation functions happen, through crucial executives that help entertain other with-in the organization we can guide our employees helping them see our vision and develop that same employee for future management. Our managers are ready to provide clarity on our vision to anyone who may need further explanation. We encourage our management teams to produce future managers to seek out better operating procedures and who can embrace change.

Economic Forces

Economic behaviors such as a recession/ depression period with-in the U. S. Ay be a contributing factor impacting this type of business. Inflation to include interest rates considering the GAP (Gross Domestic Product) could also have impacts on our demand. Being able to accordingly is the answer to these forces.

Legal and Regulatory Forces

Legal and regulatory forces that impact business such as SIR Creative Design Inc. Are the laws passes through government agencies such as Congress that establish the legal Marketing Claims that ensue that your business is truthful and not deceitful covering areas surrounding endorsements, to whom you are advertising to including labels and lams.

Another examples would be E-Mail SPAM, in which the law is very specific on the E- Mails that can be sent. Other laws include Industry Guides, Telemarketing, and Advertising Frequently Asked Questions. The (FTC) Federal Trade Commissioner controls and manages these laws for business located with-in the United States. Adapting to change SIR Creative Designs Inc. Is at all times ready for change. Due to the nature of the business having to do with marketing and design this corporation is always adapting the changes in technology, software and many ways of communications such as social Edie, television, billboards, cell phones and more.

This corporation would not be able to do business without change, it has no choice but to change and adapt to it. Changes must be adapted in all categories in order for a corporation to function without disorder.

Supply Chain

Insuring that projects are accepted and completed is an important factor for SIR Creative Design Inc. The product becomes the project and the consumer becomes target audience for our client. Our material would consist of computer programming and software to include storage space with-in our systems.

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