Strange Place

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On July 11th it will be twelve years since I discovered the magical world of yuccas and mesquite trees. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I remember driving all the way down the road that seemed like miles and miles of nothing but wilderness. We seemed to have driven for forever. There were no houses or mobile homes or much of anything. Then we came to a dirt road, and I said “Daddy I hope we are not going to drive into there. ” There looked like an unmarked, mysterious place.

It was a new unfamiliar place that I would be the first to discover. As soon as we got out of the truck I started asking questions. “Daddy is there dinosaurs here? ” Then he explained that I would have to go check for myself, so I made that my personal mission. We came back a few days later because he was going to set up the layout of the house, and all that good stuff was going to be put together. I came prepared this time; I had my binoculars, my toy gun, and my camera. I had my pink binoculars so I could see the trouble that I might get into far away.

I had my gun in case there was a dinosaur. Finally, I had my camera so I could prove to my dad that there were dinosaurs. “Well, here I go. ” I said to myself. I start walking and before I know it I’m in this mysterious place. I am seeing things I never saw before. All these trees around me look evil; they have very long, sharp, pointy thorns on them. There were these weird plant look-alike things that I accidentally stepped on that poked me and made blood droplets on my leg. There was this mean-looking frog that had horns. And before you knew it I had gotten in too deep and was lost.

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All I could see that was familiar was the baby blue sky and the bright golden sun. So I kept going hoping I would find maybe a sign or a trail. I held my gun close to me just in case I found a dinosaur. Then out of nowhere hops a little grey bunny, he stops to look at me for a second then starts to hop off. I thought to myself “Maybe if I follow him I can get back to my daddy. ” So that’s what I did until he was out of sight. I grabbed my binoculars to try to find him, but he was long gone. He hopped way too fast and I could not hop over the weird-looking plants fast enough.

So there I have again stuck alone and there were still no signs of any dinosaurs yet. “Maybe there are not any dinosaurs out here in this place. ” I thought to myself, but I’ll keep looking. Gazing through my binoculars I came across something black, something that looked like I had seen before. I start walking faster and faster toward it. And before too long I was back at my dad’s black truck. “Whoa, I thought I was going to be lost forever out here. ” I said to my dad. He asked me “Did you find any dinosaurs’ baby? ” And with a sad sounding voice, I said “No but if we build a house out here I can look forever! ”

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A strange place is any location that is unfamiliar or out of the ordinary. It could be a place that is unfamiliar to the person visiting, or a place that has an unusual atmosphere or environment.
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Some strange places in the world include the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan, the Blood Falls in Antarctica, and the Richat Structure in Mauritania. These places are strange due to their unique geological features, which make them stand out from the surrounding landscape.
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