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Strange Meeting

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La’Monta Smith 11/19/12 AP Lit and Comp Strange Meeting By Wilfred Owen In Strange Meeting wrote by Wilfred Owen we enter this poem Owen seemingly escapes out of a battle with very little knowledge of where he is exactly at. After exploratory investigation among the many piteous men and surroundings he discovers he is in the pits of hell. Afterwards, we are drawn into a conversation between the narrator and a fellow solder.

Here, we transfer from the narration and dialogue to the poems’ monologue where we begin to dig into the depths of the solder’s spirit. The solder claims that has reason to mourn because of the years he didn’t get to live and how he was cheated out of his future. He also points out that solders are taken for granted by the ones they aren’t in war, and are just content of the spoils of the solders brought them. Blood Boiling indicates that the men, most likely fellow solders , don’t feel accomplished in their voyages in war.

The solder then begins to reminisce on who he was before the war, and what he could’ve and would’ve done Differently, but is brought back to reality that he is still in hell. Owen continues to embrace the solders thoughts as he briefly talks about his youth before he began marching the “retreating world” . A sense of regret is apparent when he says that he wish he could cleanse his soul by washing away the blood that he as spilled.

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He continues by claiming that he gave his all in war, but he did not expect the amount of death he is surrounded with . Nearing the end, the bond between the Owen and the solder is It is Important to pay attention to the word diction that this poem also has. With horror, the primary Speaker Realizes that it was he who took the man’s life and future away but then rationalizes with Him by stating they were put in an arena and their deaths were inevitable.

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