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Which of the following is NOT true of the success of interest groups? A. The more intense a group, the more successful it tends to be b. The more financial resources a group has, the more successful it tends to be c. The more potential members a group has, the more successful it tends to be d. The smaller a group is, the more successful it tends to be e. The larger a group is, the more successful it tends to be 4. Which of the following is an example off single Issue Interest group? A. NEAR b. NAACP c. FALL-CIO d. UCLA e. National Wildlife Federation 5. An interest group is most likely to have influence in Congress when the issue at take a. S narrow in scope and low in public visibility b. C. D. E. 6. Is part of the president's legislative package has been traumatized by the media engages legislators' deeply held convictions divides legislators along party lines Which of the following Is not a tactic that Interests groups use? A. Lobbying to Influence policy b. Forming Pace to influence elections 7. A. Litigating to influence policy through the courts appealing to the public to promote a positive group image Which of the following is true of mimics curiae briefs? They are used by interest groups to lobby courts

They are used exclusively by liberal interest groups They are used exclusively by conservative interest groups d. They are now unconstitutional e. They are the means by which a litigant seeks Supreme Court review off lower court decision 8. Which of the following factors best accounts for the rise of interest groups and the decline of political parties in recent years? A. National parties have become too closely identified with controversial issues. B. Court decisions have restricted the political parties' abilities to recruit new members. C. It is less expensive to Join an interest group than to Join a political party. D.

Interest groups have been more successful in avoiding negative press coverage than have political parties. E. Interest groups are better able to articulate specific policy positions than are political parties. 9. . Which type of interest group would the NAACP be? Economic civil rights . Single-issue governmental environmental 10. An interest group would likely have the greatest influence on policy matters involving a. Narrow issues, only a few interest groups, and technical information b. Broad, highly visible national issues c. Broad foreign policy issues d. Major constitutional questions about civil rights and liberties . Areas in which members of Congress have considerable expertise and commitment 1. Interest groups seek to influence political processes in ways that benefit their members. In doing so, however, they may not act in the overall public interest. (a) Describe two techniques interest groups use to influence elections. (b) Explain how interest groups use each of the following to influence government decision making. Mimics curiae briefs Issue networks (also known as iron triangles) (c) Explain how each of the following serves to limit interest group influence. The media Pluralism 2.

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Individuals often form groups in order to promote their interests. The Constitution contains several provisions that protect the rights of individuals who try to promote their interests in a representative democracy. (a) Explain two provisions in the Bill of Rights that protect individuals who try to influence politics. Interest groups engage in a variety of activities to affect public policy. Explain how each of the following is policy. Government institutions used by interest groups to exert influence over Grassroots manipulation Litigation Lobbying of (c) Describe one specific federal governmental regulation of interest groups.

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