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Stakeholder Analysis on Bp

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Assignment # 1 Stakeholder analysis on the British Petroleum oil spill disaster Stakeholder: UK and USA Government The British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico flowed unabated for three months in 2010. It is the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. This event affected individuals and groups, know as stakeholders, in different ways according to the impact that the catastrophe meant to their situation.

The stakeholders treated in this case are the U. S. and UK government, which first we would like to define their position on the disaster then to find the links with ethical traditions and finally to mention the positive aspects and limits of these two with three theoretical propositions (Stakeholder Theory, CSR & Ethics of discussion). The positions of the governments were on their own particular way to deal and manage the situation of the BP oil spill. The U. S. overnment took an offensive position against BP and made it responsible of the incurred damages as a result of the oil spill, likewise, indirectly blamed the UK government as the main regulator of the companies from their country. In response, the UK government took a defensive position about the responsibility of the damages and for the hostile side that U. S. took against. However UK government wanted to manage the situation by the side of the cocerns of their people interesr and BP involment to develop the best and fastest solution for the situation.

The reason why the U. S. government took an aggressive position came from its role as representative of a nation that should give solutions to the problems and complaints of the individuals and groups (business, organizations, etc) concern of US nation. But seeing it on the other side, the same particular reason came with the UK government. Now, the question relies on: why they went on different sides? or more precisely, what made them to take a position different from each other? if their objectives were basically the same.

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The interest of both governments were mostly on the same page, but there were some differences. The U. S. government seek to be the victim of the incident with the reason of solidarity with those affected but also be the one to go forward in search of a solution and satisfaction of all involved as it? s leader role. As well, the U. S. government was responsible for establish appropriate regulations to prevent such damage. This put it on the exterior “inocent” role but indirect accomplice for the mistake done.

Furthermore, the UK government seek not be involved in the incident, likewise even pretended to find a speedy solution to be the lowest impact to its stakeholders and its oil industry that implies BP mainly in the economial and relationships between nations. Its role was primarily mediator in the dispute of the guilt of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with the intention of the most healthy solution of all. References: Urbina, I. (2010, May 24). Inspector general’s inquiry faults regulators.

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Stakeholder Analysis on Bp essay

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