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A Stakeholder Analysis for a Planned Upgrade

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As you know, my company is planning to construct a nuclear power plant in Oregon. Indeed, the conduct stakeholder analysis is important as a prerequisite of the decision approving the plan because stakeholders play an important role for the projects such as project stakeholders are involved in or affected by the project activity. The project manager must take the time to identify, understand, and manage the relationships between all stakeholders of the project. The use of four framework can help organizations meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders. And the senior member of the Board is the key stakeholders.

Accordingly, to conduct stakeholder analysis for a plan to upgrade the software product successfully. We need to analyze the stakeholders are and what is its impact on the success of the project. Sets of project stakeholders include:

Internal Stakeholders

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  • Top management
  • Accountant
  • Other functional managers
  • Project team members

External Stakeholders

  • Clients
  • Competitors
  • Suppliers
  • Environmental, political, consumer and other intervener groups.

Important tasks of the project leader are to have good relationships with stakeholders, understand correctly and meet their expectations. In addition, to the success of software projects, we should analyze the following points in order of importance:

  • Support of leadership,
  • The participation of users,
  • The project management experience
  • The explicit goal
  • The range is reduced
  • Standard software platform
  • The basic requirements do not change
  • Methodology form Reliable estimate

In addition to hard skills and soft skills, more and more as the project leader of more work such as planning, organizing, budgeting, adjust the plan. etc. This work not only the project leader to implement but also to have analytical logic must have the foresight to identify the future steps of the project.

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