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To many cheerleading may not be considered a sport, however what those many people may not understand, is that like all sports it requires the same key components to succeed. The cheerleaders that are serious about this sport understand that many elements are needed in making a “die-hard” cheerleader. I would say these elements are dedication, commitment, heart and soul. It is with these concepts that separate who continues with their sport and who quits at the first sign of difficulty.

I would like to be the “Spirit Leader” of our cheerleading team this season. One reason I’d make a great choice for this position, is that I would be dedicated to the team, and won’t give up when faced with an obstacle. To me, extra practicing, time spent making bows and signs, banners, or our spirit can, is not work, but a privilege. These tasks would not bother or frustrate me, as it would better all of us. I want to be apart of leading the team, and helping us all grow not only as individuals but as a family. Even though I’m fairly new at cheering, my enthusiasm and dedication is great, and would help toward making our team spirit soar this year.

I remember as I walked into the first tryout day, last year, how nervous and inexperienced I was, and intimidated by the ones that “knew it all”. I believe my cheer skills have progressed over time. Even though I’m far from perfect, if I continue to learn and get better, it can help me better the team’s motivation and spirit this season. And bring spirit, love and motivation in leading the team and giving other girls someone to look up to.

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Being the spirit leader wouldn’t just be my job for the team, but the opportunity to inspire the girls with activities, challenges, and cheering together as a team. I would like to help keep our team connected, keep our cheerleader spirit alive, and have pride in our school. There’s always a time and place for fun, but being focused and keeping the big picture in mind is what is going to make us outshine the rest. We need to motivate our peers, keep the spirit flowing through the halls. Cheerleading isn’t just being a team, but a family.

A Spirit Leader should have a positive attitude toward everything. Whether a stunt falls, or the music stops, I would be the motivating factor in keeping our team from falling apart. I need to show these girls spirit and motivate them in all aspects. If accepted to be the Spirit Leader of our team, I plan to execute the suggestions of our coach into making a spirit can, and a sign for the school of the weekly sport games. Also, I have ideas involving our “little sisters” for JV this year. As well as continuing to brain storm a list of other activities. I want to make this a phenomenal season full of spirit, laughter and love.

To keep our school spirit up and running all season, I would like to try and get everyone involved; students, staff, faculty, athletes, families, and the community. To make the best of this year, we need to have support from majority of these people. Those are the people that look up to us, cheerleaders, to bring the spirit to school functions. As a Spirit Leader, I want to make a change in our school and community. That will take more dedication from everyone, especially myself, but I’m willing to do it.

Cheerleading, to me, isn’t just about standing on sidelines yelling cheers, but about a group of people supporting another group through their spirit. It may not be about bows or matching outfits, either, but about how people can come together to achieve something great. Finally, it’s not just all about the ‘perfect‘ routine, but about all coming together and loving each other as a family. We can make a difference.

I hope in your time reading this, I have helped you realize that I would be a great Spirit Leader for our cheerleading team. I am a team player, a motivator, and girl with lots of spirit! No matter what, we are a team and we’re all in this together. With my concentration, focus, dedication and time, I will help make our Chittenango Varsity Cheerleading team’s spirit shine, and bring our team together as one.

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