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Leadership my Indomitable Spirit

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Leo Tolstoy once asked the question, “What is the human spirit?  You can’t see it like an arm, you can’t feel it like the heart…but the human spirit will drive you further and longer than muscle in the human body.”

When we speak of man, however, something else is meant within the world image of the Book of Changes, something other than the individual, which our more rational age understands. (Wilhelm, pg 52)  When I first studied for this task, I have found that the search for great thought and inspiration could not be generalized thru a series of steps.

The perseverance to success stems from a steady tendency of periods of transitions and the spirit of the moment.   “In fact I have found that the human spirit often thrives on dangers and difficulties...difficulties are here, as ever,” (Routh, pg 37)   but the human spirit is not driven from it at all. Even more so, the act of leadership is valued as a part of the human spirit.  It recognized that “perseverance is the beginning of how building a team is the central approach at every level.” (Fairholm, pg. 42)

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In essence, this University and my team members have provided a home for this human spirit and a path that leads to different programs of education under a vast curriculum.

“Significant education occurs in the process of planning and implementing programs, particularly through dialogue” (Burnaby, pg 123) therefore the kind of education that creates and replicates the human spirit.  Participatory education is based first and foremost on profound respect for the human spirit and its ability to conquer.  The spirit perseverance resides in every one.


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