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Special Interest Tourism

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Some of the SIT categories are: * Sports and Adventure Tourism: Sports tourism Is the Involvement In any sporting activity (actively or passively) where tourists participate in a sporting activity or attend a sport event as spectators. Adventure tourism may include a physical activity and usually interaction with nature and/or cultural interchange. Adventure tourists generally go out of the comfort zone to experience some degree of risk or physical danger. Some examples in Dubbed are undressing, scuba diving, sky diving, mountain climbing, etc.

They usually have an income above average and are professionals aged between 30-50, their profile is similar to that of the cultural tourist. Tourism trends and factors in holiday interests The rapid growth of the travel and tourism is one of the most important social and economic phenomena in the last decades. The tourism sector has evolved and international travel is no longer a "luxury', holiday trips have become accessible to irking class families.

AS/ Market segmentation is a useful strategy to provide a close match between tourism products and customers. Market segmenting is dividing the tourism market into different groups of people with similar characteristics, motivations and needs in order to respond with the appropriate products and satisfy the preferences of the chosen segment; and thus, increase the profits. The intention is to identify these groups of similar type of customers, understand their behavior and requirements, and develop the right product to attract them.

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PA/ Peter in Jordan - Introduction Peter is an archaeological and historical site located in Jordan that is famous for its rock-cut buildings and tombs in the mountains, composed of reddish sandstone. Peter was created by the Anabases, a nomadic tribe from Arabia, sometime around the 6th century BC. The city was disappeared from Western awareness until it was discovered in 1812 by a Swiss explorer. Today Peter is Cordon's main landmark and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Features and benefits * Historical site of great value: Vast area of tombs, temples, ceremonial buildings ND theatres dated from 6th century BC.

It is a Unesco World Heritage site since the year 1985. * Natural attraction: Peter is a natural beauty with rugged mountains and reddish sandstone rocks. The main entrance leads to a narrow natural gorge, which used to serve as waterway flowing into the city. There are man-made steps to walk up on top of the mountains and enjoy the spectacular views. * Worldwide famous for the Hollywood movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" where Harrison Ford enters The Treasury (Al-Channel) at Peter.

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