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Setting Goals

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Identify two of your long-term education or career goals: One of my long-term education goals is to achieve my bachelors in Criminal Justice or registered nursing; also I would like to finish my 3 years of collegiate softball while obtaining these degrees. One of my long-term career goals is to finish the academy for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) or California Department of Corrections and to retire with one of these forces.

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Setting Goals

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. While obtaining my bachelors I must take at least 12 credits in order to play softball. In order to complete the academy for either service I must pass my acceptance tests, eye exam, and shooting. For my education goal I don’t think it will be that difficult to achieve my bachelors while playing softball as long as I stay committed and focused.

For my career goal I think it may be a little difficult but only because it is training me for some tough things that may occur as a police officer. I believe that I have strong enough values to make my way through these courses as long as I work hard. Break each of your goals into smaller short-term goals you hope to accomplish in a short time that will lead to the larger goals: Educational goal: For now I am working towards getting my associates in criminal justice, which will eventually lead me to my bachelors.

Career goal: My parents both work in the field that I want to go into so I am already receiving some training from them. I hope to accomplish some type of an internship before the academy, and I also go on ride-a-longs currently. List a specific deadline for each short-term goal: Education goal: I would like to have my associate’s degree by the end of next summer, and my bachelors by 2015. Career goal: I would like to complete my internship and ride-a-longs before I apply for the academy.

Describe how you will accomplish each short-term goal: Education goal: I am going to finish my associate’s degree by next summer, and then I will work towards my bachelors while processing for the academy. Career goal: I am going to talk with my parents about seeing if I can get on any internships within the next year. Also, my parents are going to take me to the range to practice my shooting

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