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Last Updated: 08 May 2020
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It is rational to state the fact that communication is the keystone for efficiency running of operations in every organization. Whereas the importance of effective communication would hardly be overemphasized, sheer lack of efficiency in communication would not only spell poor human relations but also unsuccessful business in the organization.

Poor communication has been credited with various problems with such effects touching almost all the aspects of the firm in question. To start with, lack of adequate strategies in communication result in improper implementation of decisions made by the management. Subsequently, the goals and objectives of the firm will not be met hence likelihood of accruing losses. Secondly, breakdown in communication between the management and the staff can lead to staffs de-motivation at work. In addition, if clients do not get good services from the employee, they would not come back again seeking the same services.

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Having considered the drawbacks of poor communication and the effects of such shortcomings in our organization various recommendations are hereby outlined to improve communication. Four seminars will be conducted with each one of them running for duration of three days. The following is a list of training which employee will be trained during each seminar:

  • Seminar I: Training to improve written communication such as letters, emails and reports.
  • Seminar II: Training on presentation skills applicable in group work and meetings.
  • Seminar III: Training on technical skills in both writing and presentation.
  • Seminar IV: Training in fluency in oral communication.

Putting in place such a program to improve communication, no matter how simplified it is, means improved manager-employee relations. Decisions will therefore be properly implemented. Communication is a key tool to employee motivation which subsequently will lead to increased productivity when all other factors are held constant.

Thank you all for your anticipated response and commitment to this strategic plan.

Dear Constance,

Considering the apparently deteriorating status of communication in Blue Ridge Enterprise, the organization’s management is now fully committed to put in place strategic plans to improve communication. Among the measures likely to be first applied in this quest include organizing a series of training seminars for all employees in the organization. It is during these seminars that it has been recommended that they should be trained in various areas of communication. Due to this, you have been requested to prepare to present on the following four topics on which employees will be trained in series of seminars:

  • Improving written communication such as letters, emails and reports.
  • Training on presentation skills applicable in group work and meetings.
  • Training on technical skills in both writing and presentation.
  • Training in fluency in oral communication.

In addition, you are requested to brief the management on any supportive materials you would require during presentations so that they can be provided prior to the commencement of the seminar.

I am looking forward to getting your response on this matter soonest possible for convenience.


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