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Most famous music curses of all the time The "Gloomy Sunday' Curse "Gloomy Sunday" was a song written by Roses Serves, a Hungarian composer . The break-up with his girlfriend in 1933 left him such depression that he wrote this obsessive sorrowful melody. A few months after Gloomy Sunday's coming-out, a record label agreed to buy " the dead song" and published it in many big cites in the world.

However, Serves turned out to be a very unlucky man. Weeks after the publishable of Gloomy Sunday, there was many scary strange stories around it. In Berlin, a man complained to his friends that he was really obsessed by Its disconsolate melody and lyric. He was soon diagnosed with autism and then ended his life with a gun. Just about one or two days later, again in Berlin, the police found a girl hanging herself in her own room and surprisingly, there was a piece of the song's lyrics on her bed .

In the same year, hundreds of cases like that happened in Hungary, France and America, then spreader to the whole world. In many nations, Gloomy Sunday was even banned but the more it was banned, the more popular it became. In January 1968, Serves also committed suicide . It sounds disgusting and unbelievable, right? I must admit that the melody is very scaring but then nothing happened to me. I'm still alive and I'm standing here, talking with you. Researchers showed that music can have an extraordinary impact on humans' behavior.

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At that time, America and the Europe was in such a hard period that the economic crisis, unemployment and war increasing had a strong effect on people's spirit, pushed them Into a state of pessimism and depression In life. In conclusion, Gloomy Sunday used to be regarded as the last straw that broke the camel's back, but finally, there's o curse or no secret around this song. Now, we can freely enjoy it. The "Buddy Hold Curse February 3, 1 959 Is commonly referred to as The Day The Music Died, because on that day, one of the rockers who had pooled in the trend of rock and roll , died In a plane crush during The Winter Dance Party tour.

It also is known as the start of the "Buddy Holly Curse," as many musicians and people involved in Holly and his music have also met untimely deaths. For example, Ronnie Smith, the vocalist who was hired to replace Holly on the tour. Became a spectrally patient after the last performance, ND a few years later suicide. Then, David Box, a member of Holly's band, also tried to start a solo career, but like Holly he died in a plane crash at the exact same age of 22. After Holly's death, his wife miscarried their only child.

From there, the curse spread to Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran, who both were very close to Holly. Another unlucky man who reportedly went out to see the film about this rocker, The Buddy Holly Story on September 7, died exact on Holly's birthday! The "Robert Johnson" Curse Have you ever heard about Robert Johnson? He is known for his "curse" almost as 1 OFF Mississippi Delta blues style . The story of the curse is that Johnson met a large black man ( the Devil) at a crossroads on the outskirts of some unknown town, at midnight .

It was at that crossroad where he exchanged his soul for the Devil to become a great blues performer. Of course , it was only a rumor until people gradually believed the curse when Robert Johnson died at his 27, also at a crossroad! Moreover, many artists like Lanyard Snyder and The Allan Brothers died after covering Roberts famous song " the Crossroad". Some said the situation could have been a coincidence, but for entries, no one could explain why so many people who involved Robert Johnson died at the same years.

The "Flowerpot Mac band " Curse There have been stories of many cursed bands,however, the most famous of the cursed bands would have to be Flowerpot Mac, whose album Rumors sold over 19 million albums in the US. Flowerpot Mac was actually founded by Peter Green, who took too much acid in 1970, left the band, and was committed to a mental hospital. Then, slide guitarist Jerry Spencer took too much drug in 1971 and Joined a sex cult ( gig phi) 2 years later on a tour, then-guitarist Danny had strange gestures like peeping beating his head against the wall and unconsciously making fun of the band to the audience.

It was so sad that later he became a criminal and ended up dying homeless. Do you see a pattern here? More recently, the guitarist Bob Weston died of an aneurysm( etc Eng much) in 2012, and in the same year the second guitarist Bob Welsh killed himself because of clinical depression.

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