Security system is said to be one of the most vital aspects in doing business

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Security system is said to be one of the most vital aspects in doing business and ensuring the interest of the company and the welfare of all the employees. Thus, the security personnel are in charge of guarding and protecting the company's resources and its people. As for the case of Walter, a security guard in Bug, it is considerable that he has committed a wrongdoing against the company and to his duty, as one of the security personnel that is responsible of guarding the company's business.

As a security guard for Bug, Walter's primary duty is to protect the interest of the business and defend the company's property against the probable deliberate subversion coming from external forces. Thus, knowing the fact that Steve is working for Wiretap, Walter should have not freed Steve and let him walk away from Bug, as if nothing happened and he has not possibly gathered vital information about Bug's nature of doing business.

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Under the tort law, Walter has committed an offense, which is that of breach of duty, as he conciously let Steve to walk away despite of the fact that he has made an offense in tresspassing the private domain of the company. Hence, Walter could be held liable to any harm and damages that might happen to Bug, as a result of successful subversion of Steve to the company's premises.

More so, Walter could be held accountable to any probable lost in the company because of being negligent and disregarding direct orders, which is that of protecting and ensuring the company's resources and confidentiality in doing business. The tort law, on the other hand, is considered to be different as oppose to other areas of law because it is only a branch of civil law. Unlike in criminal law, wherein the plaintiff is always regarded as the state and the defendant, the dispute in tort law is only between two different private parties.

More so, in tort law, the punishment for unsuccesfull defendant is only a matter of paying and shouldering for the damages of the plaintiff, which evidently different as oppose to other areas of law wherein the defendant is usually punished by the state incase of proven guilty of committing a crime. Reference Theories of tort Law. (2003). Retrieved June 12, 2009, from http://plato. stanford. edu/entries/tort-theories/ Larson, A. (2003). Negligence and Tort Law. Retrieved June 12, 2009, from http://www. expertlaw. com/library/personal_injury/negligence. html

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