Risk Threat Vulnerability

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------------------------------------------------- Week 2 Laboratory Perform a Qualitative Risk Assessment for an IT Infrastructure Learning Objectives and Outcomes Upon completing this lab, students will be able to: Define the purpose and objectives of an IT risk assessment * Align identified risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to an IT risk assessment that encompasses the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure * Classify identified risks, threats, and vulnerabilities according to a qualitative risk assessment template * Prioritize classified risks, threats, and vulnerabilities according to the defined qualitative risk assessment scale * Craft an executive summary that addresses the risk assessment findings, risk assessment impact, and recommendations to remediate areas of non-compliance

Lab #4: Assessment Worksheet Perform a Qualitative Risk Assessment for an IT Infrastructure Overview The following risks, threats, and vulnerabilities were found in an IT infrastructure. Consider the scenario of a Healthcare provider under HIPPA compliance law and what compliance to HIPPA involves. 1. Given the list below, perform a qualitative risk assessment: Determine which typical IT domain is impacted by each risk/threat/vulnerability in the “Primary Domain Impacted” column. Risk – Threat – VulnerabilityPrimary Domain ImpactedRisk Impact/Factor Unauthorized access from pubic InternetLAN – WANHigh

User destroys data in application and deletesLANHigh all files Hacker penetrates your IT infrastructure and gains access to your internal network System / ApplicationsHigh Intra-office employee romance gone badUser DomainLow Fire destroys primary data centerLan DomainHigh Service provider SLA is not achieved System / ApplicationsLow Workstation OS has a known softwareLAN – WANMedium vulnerability Unauthorized access to organization owned User DomainHigh workstations Risk – Threat – VulnerabilityPrimary Domain ImpactedRisk Impact/Factor Loss of production dataLANHigh

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Denial of service attack on organization DMZ and e-mail serverLAN –WANHigh Remote communications from home office LAN server OS has a known software vulnerability User downloads and clicks on an unknown unknown e-mail attachment Workstation browser has software vulnerability Mobile employee needs secure browser access to sales order entry system Service provider has a major network outage Weak ingress/egress traffic filtering degrades performance User inserts CDs and USB hard drives with personal photos, music, and videos on organization owned computers VPN tunneling between remote computer nd ingress/egress router is needed WLAN access points are needed for LAN connectivity within a warehouse Need to prevent eavesdropping on WLAN due to customer privacy data access DoS/DDoS attack from the WAN/Internet 2. Next, for each of the identified risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, prioritize them by listing a “1”, “2”, and “3” next to each risk, threat, vulnerability in the “Risk Impact/Factor” column. “1” = Critical, “2” = Major, “3” = Minor. Use the following qualitative risk impact/risk factor metrics: “1” Critical – a risk, threat, or vulnerability that impacts compliance (i. . , privacy law requirement for securing privacy data and implementing proper security controls, etc. ) and places the organization in a position of increased liability “2”Major – a risk, threat, or vulnerability that impacts the C-I-A of an organization’s intellectual property assets and IT infrastructure “3”Minor – a risk, threat, or vulnerability that can impact user or employee productivity or availability of the IT infrastructure 3. Craft an executive summary for management using the following 4-paragraph format.

The executive summary must address the following topics: * Purpose of the risk assessment & summary of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities found throughout the IT infrastructure * Prioritization of critical, major, minor risk assessment elements * Risk assessment and risk impact summary * Recommendations and next steps Week 2 Lab: Assessment Worksheet Perform a Qualitative Risk Assessment for an IT Infrastructure Overview Answer the following Assessment Worksheet questions pertaining to your qualitative IT risk assessment you performed. Lab Assessment Questions & Answers . What is the goal or objective of an IT risk assessment? 2. Why is it difficult to conduct a qualitative risk assessment for an IT infrastructure? 3. What was your rationale in assigning “1” risk impact/ risk factor value of “Critical” for an identified risk, threat, or vulnerability? 4. When you assembled all of the “1” and “2” and “3” risk impact/risk factor values to the identified risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, how did you prioritize the “1”, “2”, and “3” risk elements? What would you say to executive management in regards to your final recommended prioritization?

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