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Chapter Review Questions

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There are several different meanings to Web server. There is e-mail server. E-mail server handles incoming and outgoing e-mail and manages e-mail activity. Another type of Web server Is database server. The server computer on which database management software runs is database server. The computer in which a company runs its accounting and inventory software is called transaction server. These are all different types of computer hardware and software that may be found In electronic commerce operations.

Our company utilizes each different Web server names mentioned above. If the company computers are down we contact our IT Department so they can analyze what part of the server has failed. 6. The difference between client-level and server-level e-mail filtering is basically one Is managed on an Individual users' computer and one Is managed on a mall server of a company and/or an individual's computer. Spam can get through one filter but be trapped by another filter even though both client-level and server-level are utilized. Both filtering systems Identify black lists and white lists. Which are common basic content-filtering techniques.

A black list spam filter can be implemented at the individual, organization, or ISP level. Some companies review a black list, such as Spam and Open Relay Blocking System to Identify spammed. However. The black list spammed change their e-mail servers, making it difficult for businesses to keep up. The white list spam filter is examined by From addresses and compares them too list of known sender addresses. This filter Is usually applied at the Individual user level. The drawback of using this filer is that sometimes it will not recognize an address ND will reject the email or place in a separate folder to review at a later time.

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Our company utilizes both client-level and server-level e-mail filtering to protect proprietary information. Exercise 1. ALEX - Phonologic Exchange is a company that supports Apache Web server software. The company will provide technical support and has a support team that will provide: Research and Recommendations, Configure and usage, and Troubleshooting and bugs. Phonologic gives you one number to call for all your support needs. The company will automatically give you 2417 product support hotlist and developer support. You can customize the services you need with Penology.

The company allows for you to customize your support needs by offering different packages: Silver, Gold & Platinum. The company will give you support whether the problem originated or as a result of complex Interactions between software. As well the company has front line support experts on Apache Web Server to answer questions and pinpoint the source of the problem. ALEX also offers Apache toy 2 to assist you. IBM Support for Apache Greenroom is another company that offers support. IBM offers expert technical support from the Apache Software Foundation.

The companies key benefits include: Multiple Support Options, You can choose from entry or enhanced support, Direct Leakage to the Apache community, thus ensuring that IBM will contribute all bug fixes and ensure new features are added, and offer value-added products. The IBM site lists the system requirements should you choose to use their product. If you choose to purchase the entry level support the cost is $1,090 for 12 months of support. The IBM site is very basic and doesn't give a great deal of product information for Apache. However, the site does cross sell other products and services that IBM offers.

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