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Research of People’s Life in Ancient China

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In Ancient China, many people were poor. There were mostly farmer and peasants. Most of the Chinese were very religious. They often had ceremonies and practiced several traditions. Artisans and peasants were the lowest of the social pyramid.

In ancient China, many people were treated poorly. Especially girls were treated very badly. Girls had to have their feet bound very tightly with bandages. By the age of 6, it was the law for girls to have their feet tied up. The girls of the family were to work in the house and had few privileges. Farmers and artisans were not treated well because of the amount of money they had; which was not much.

The kids in ancient China were very much like the kids in our time; in some ways. They definitely worked a lot harder than we did. They also loved toys and games just like all kids do. Their feet were wrapped up because they believed that it would impress their god and they thought it was beautiful. When girls had their feet wrapped up, it caused broken bones and sometime infections.

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The ancient Chinese also lived in villages. The villages were all very different but mostly religious in similar ways. The majority of the Chinese practiced Buddhism. Kings and queens ruled over China at this time. They ruled over all villages. Also, the families of ancient China really enjoyed playing games and singing. Some of the main activities in ancient China were making pottery, art, hunting and fishing.

The grandparents of the family were highly respected even though they did not do much to help the family. They usually lived in their children's house. Most of all, elders were highly thought of. The kids went to school just like kids do now. That is another similarity to today. School was very different there though.

The mom of the family usually stayed home and worked. The daughters of the family helped their mom too sometimes. She also made the food, cleaned the house. The moms took care of the children when they were young. The dads hunted and provided the food for the family. The boys of the family often helped the dads provide the food.

In conclusion, people then were very similar to us today and very not alike in many ways too. The social structure was extremely different than now. The family life was very different because when we want food, we go to the store and buy our food. Not in ancient China! Same with toys, kids had to make their own! Fathers had to find, kill or make their food. Now we know how much we should appreciate our life!

Research of People’s Life in Ancient China essay

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