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Ancient China Critical Analysis

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Also the birth of the exam system for Chinese civil servants dates from this time. The doctrines were replaced by Confucian Philosophy. During Han Dynasty it was the period of further land expansion and it extended into a very large territory. They found a symbol to represent every idea. The Romans and the Chinese began a trade of woven silk which Romans cannot copy. Also they build the Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City. These are the cultural markers highlighted in the film which speaks the centralized system of power in ancient China.

The Chinese people used the same writing style for centuries. They could easily read the writings which were written ass's of years ago. Until the rule of a different emperor, who changed the writing and language and formed his own. People then took that new language and writing and used it in their everyday life. The Chinese created a symbol for almost all the ideas. For instance, sun and moon gives light, which means they are bright so they had a symbol for bright Also, the development of poetry and visual arts took place during this period.

The Chinese had advanced throughout the centuries by knowing the same language for centuries, successfully creating a new language, and inventing symbols for every idea. The structures that the Chinese Empire had during this period were The Great Wall of China and The Imperial Palace. The Great Wall of China was built to defend against the Barbarians and the Northern Tribes. Also, it symbolizes to other people outside of China to acknowledge that this wall is where the territory of China is. The Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City is a place where the Emperor of China lived. Lay the Emperor was allowed to Rome though the Palace. Now in the present day it is one of the best tourist attraction in China. These great structures still stand today in China. The Chinese Empire created the Doctrines which were later replaced by the Confucian Philosophy. The Chinese also created the crossbow which is a weapon. Their weaponry were made of bronze and they were best known for weaving of silk which even the ingenious Romans could not copy. Therefore a trade route was created where the Chinese merchant sell the silk to India, who will then sell it to the Romans.

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During the Han Dynasty, the area of land of China expanded significantly, expanding its territory' to the West. The Chinese Empire is still best known for its creations and ideas. These cultural marker based on the movie shows the centralized system of power in ancient China. This Empire goes all the way back to 5000 B. C. They created weapons, architectures, literature, ideas, and also expanded the land. The Chinese Empire is known to be one of the greatest empires and is considered to be the longest continuous civilization of mankind.

Ancient China Critical Analysis essay

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