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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM This chapter of the study presents the problems ascertained from the researchers’ gathered data, the objectives, the scope, delimitations and limitations, and the significance of the study. Introduction Record keeping system is a systematic procedure by which the records of an office/organization are created, captured, maintained and disposed of. This system also ensures the record’s preservation for evidential purposes, accurate and efficient updating, timely availability, and control of access to them only by authorized personnel.

A record keeping system has four components namely the records, people, processes and tools. Records are the information resources which can be presented in any format and are the ones needed to document office or organizational activities. On the other hand, people represent the authorized personnel and record contacts who oversee the records management program. Processes are the procedures on how to manage records throughout their life cycle. And tools comprise the computer or software programs, shelving and file cabinets, folders, etc. , all of which keep the records organized. There are basically two procedures on how to manage records.

One is manually and the other is through the use of computers and/or software programs. In manual record keeping a pen and paper could work adequately. Inexpensive and pre-formatted record books which are available at most office supply can also do the manual record keeping. While others may imply that manual record keeping are accurate for as long as manual records can be understood or explained if questioned, many others don’t seem to be convinced for several reasons. One, processing of data is slow in manual record keeping because one has to browse over the shelves and filing cabinets all day to search for a single file.

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Two, retrieving of records sometimes seem impossible because there are no back-up files. So once a record is lost it ends there. These are but few of the problems encountered using the manual record keeping system, both of which contributed to the rise of computerized record keeping. Computerized record keeping works on the same principles as a manual system. The only difference is that the computer automates the process so it is faster and more accurate, thus providing the user with records that are trustworthy. According to researches, trustworthy records are reliable, authentic, complete and unaltered, and usable.

But to ensure that the records are trustworthy, the system must preserve the information within the records (content), the circumstances under which the records were created or received (context), and the relationship between the parts of the record (structure). All of which can be acquired preferably when using a computerized record keeping system. Having gathered all those concepts aforementioned above about record keeping, the researchers came up with the idea of proposing a computerized record keeping system for the benefit of the NSTP office since they are currently managing students’ records manually.

National Service Training Program or NSTP is a program aimed at enhancing civic consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth by developing the ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing training in any of its three program components namely Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), Literacy Training Service and Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS). NSTP office is among the twenty offices in Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Lipa. It is currently headed by Dr. Armando Mendoza who is also the head of the PE Department. Yet the said office offers the two program components, the ROTC and CWTS respectively.

And since all the freshmen in the college are required to take up NSTP as one of their subjects, it can be assumed that the said office handles a lot of student records, hundreds or even thousands depending upon the number of enrollees every academic year. Considering the number of records that the office handles or manages, a need to abide to the different changes such as having a computerized system is highly advisable. More so, having a computerized record keeping system will help the office or its head Dr. Mendoza itself to make trustworthy records and keep track of them and to avoid lost of students records.

Statement of the Problem This states the problems ascertained from the researchers’ gathered data. 1. NSTP Office which offers two program components namely ROTC and CWTS manage students’ records using a manual record keeping system. 2. As a result of utilizing a manual record keeping in the NSTP Office, timely availability of files is often unattainable. 3. Employing a manual record keeping system in the NSTP Office cuts down the life cycle of the files because there are no back up copies, so there is basically no solution once a file is accidentally lost. Objectives of the Study

This asserts the objectives that correspond to the ascertained problems. 1. The researchers aspire to develop a computerized record keeping system which will automate the process so it is faster and more accurate, providing the NSTP Office records that are trustworthy. 2. Moreover, the researchers also intend to assist the NSTP Office to attain the timely availability of files via the database incorporated in their proposed automated record keeping system. 3. Furthermore, the researchers aim to lengthen the life p of the files managed by the NSTP Office via a system which enables the user to create back up copies for his files.

Scope, Delimitations and Limitations of the Study This part presents the coverage, exclusions, restrictions, limits and boundaries of the study. The system proposed by the researchers will focus mainly on the record keeping system of the NSTP office. The researchers intend to mitigate the possible solutions to the problems presented herein by means of developing a system that will assist the NSTP Head in matters that involves students’ records and its maintenance, user-convenience and retrieval. They will rely only on the gathered data and from there will start on reaching their objectives.

The proposed system or program comprises a database system which will facilitate in an organized and efficient compilation of students’ records. In addition, the study will also cover the merging of the record keeping system of the ROTC and CWTS Office. However, the proposed system will provide separate modules for ROTC and for CWTS. Different security pin will be assigned for the two modules so that only the ROTC head can access their office’s records and only the CWTS Head can access their office’s records and vice versa.

In spite of this, the NSTP Head will have access on both modules. Accordingly, time consumed in compiling, searching and transferring of records will be trimmed down. On the contrary, the study pays no attention to the grading system utilized by the ROTC and the CWTS Office. Thus, the researchers’ proposed system are not liable for the means of evaluation of the students’ grades done inside the office other than the inputting of final grades and the maintenance of students’ records.

Furthermore, the study concentrates merely on automating the record keeping system of the NSTP Office which comprises the management of students’ records of all the freshmen who are taking up NSTP as one of their subjects as well as maintaining, and securing them via the proposed system. Significance of the Study This part affirms the importance of the study. The findings of this study are hoped to be beneficial to the following: The NSTP Office. The findings of this study are a concrete appraisal of the implementation of computer programs in their record keeping system.

Likewise, the findings of this study could provide them useful and possible solutions to the problems presented herein; The institution. This study can be used as a guide in measuring how well students learned from their classes more specifically on research and application of other theories learned from various related subjects; and The researchers. This study will serve as a guide and reference material that can be used for future research work. The presentation of information provided in this study can be a basis for research students who will be doing research for the first time.

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