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Patient image wands is the flagship product of PROVISION Healthcare Technologies. With ten months on the market the need to upgrade the technology within the next eight months has become apparent. In the process of planning the upgrades new government regulations regarding patient safety has necessitated the need to make additional upgrades to achieve compliance in six months when the new regulations take effect. Many of the scheduled upgrades coincide with and satisfy the regulatory requirements.

Therefore the vice president of operations has assigned a project manager to lead the upgrade and compliance team to complete the primary project for the coming year. 2. Introduction The purpose of the project management plan is to provide a framework for the compliance and upgrade plan. The plan defines the objectives, work structure, and the project team members that will characterize the project. The plan also assesses the risks, defines the lines of communications, and identifies the financial considerations that are critical to successful project completion.

Business Objectives • Mission Statement The mission of this project team is to re-engineer the patient image wands, both hardware and software, so that the product is in compliance with regulatory provisions and has fully incorporated technological changes planned for the next release all in a timeline that corresponds with the date for mandatory regulatory compliance. • Goals Upgrade software and hardware to match regulatory compliance mandates within six months. Accelerate new release technology upgrade (hardware and software) from eight months to within six months.

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Considerations. There are several important considerations to keep in mind in developing the work plan and throughout the process. First, the project seeks to accomplish compliance with regulatory mandates and planned technology upgrades simultaneously. The project plan must uphold the priority to comply with regulations first without compromising planned technology upgrades. Second, the project seeks to complete in six months what was originally intended as an eight month project.

The project plan must provide adequate operational and financial support for the additional work required. Based on a standard five day work week and the original eight month new release plan, the new project will require a modified work week of six and a half days in order to achieve the new release in six months. The compliance component will require an additional half day to achieve within six months. In order to complete both components of the project, the company must operate a seven day work schedule for the next six months.

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