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Essay On Project Management Plan

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Many hangar projects are erroneously started in what should be the fourth step—project execution. Bypassing the first three planning steps usually leads to frustration and project failure. There is no way to shorten the process by skipping any particular step. Planning the development of any construction site ultimately saves time, effort, and money. All of the project pre-planning and preparation to this point begins to pay off. During the project execution phase project manager completes the project design and funding, solicit bids, award the construction contract, build the hangars, and move in tenants.

There will be changes that must be incorporated into the project plan (change in funding sources, regulations, stakeholders, size of project scope), and using the principles of project management can ensure the best possible outcome. This case is about the construction bid for an Aircraft maintenance hanger. ABC Construction Company is in the business of the Aircraft hanger construction. The company has bid for the construction of Aircraft hanger at one of the client site.

The Project Manager of the ABC Construction Company has been entrusted with the responsibility of coming up with the project management plan for the entire construction. The following sections provide the baseline plan, progress of the activities against the plan on a given date (15/12/2010) and the efforts by the project manager to bring the plan to the original schedule. The second part of the task is to develop a project cost plan for the main contractor’s preliminaries associated with the construction of the aircraft hanger.

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When calculating the preliminary costs, following information is referred:

  1. NRM Group element 10 guidance
  2. Drawings of the Aircraft hanger
  3. Contractor’s master program

The cost plan also discusses the implications of earned value techniques on the project as part of the project control process. The discussion also includes examples to illustrate the application of the earned value techniques in the management of the preliminaries costs. Finally, the value engineering process is conducted to the project, and a better deal is offered the client, which has a better value but at a lower price.

The value engineering report prepared as part of this process demonstrates each step of the value engineering process. Time and resource planning and control Project scheduling Assuming the project starting date is of 06/09/2010, and 5 working days a week with Saturday and Sunday as holidays. Based on the tasks lists provided to you,

  1. Input activity information into Microsoft Project and schedule the hanger.
  2. Based on the schedule that you have generated using Microsoft Project, provide the following outputs:

a. project schedule information (activity ID, activity description, activity duration, predecessors, skilled labor, unskilled labor, early start, early finish, late start, late finish, and total float);

b. CPM network diagram;

c. Bar charts; and d. Project resource profiles (skilled labor and unskilled labor). Program control By now, you should have developed your baseline schedule for the office building. As an exercise in monitoring and control, you will be required to monitor and control your project based on certain deviations from your initial project plan.

1) Save your initial schedule plan as a baseline schedule and identify all the critical activities;

2) Assume the current date to be 15/12/10 and induce delays into your project based on the following considerations:

a) Due to the problem for the selection of the color of bricks, the hanger starts on 15/10/10 instead of 06/09/10;

b) all activities in progress on 22/10/2010 are delayed by 3 days each;

c) all activities in progress on 01/11/2010 are delayed by 5 days each;

d) all activities in progress on 20/11/2010 are delayed by 2 days each;

Update the project and save this as actual project information.

3) After updating, please provide the following information

a) Project schedule information (activity ID, activity description, activity duration, predecessors, skilled labour, unskilled labour, early start, early finish, late start, late finish and total float);

b) Barcharts;

c) Project resources profiles (skilled labour, unskilled labour); and

d) Critical activity list.

4) Do a comparison between both baseline and actual schedules. For comparison, you may compare activity start and finish dates under both situations.

5) Since your project should have been delayed, it is your duty as a project manager to bring the project back on schedule with the least cost. Using 15/12/10 as a current date, try compressing some activities (these activities should not have started yet) and bring the project back on schedule. Compression should be logical and at a minimum cost. This may require several trials. Assume that the extra cost incurred as a result of activity compression is 50/worker/day.

6) After bringing back your project on schedule, please provide the following information:

a) Project schedule information (activity ID, activity description, activity duration, predecessors, skilled labor, unskilled labor, early start, early finish, late start, late finish and total float);

b) Bar charts; c) Project resource profiles (skilled labor, unskilled labor); and

d) Critical activity list.

7) Do a comparison between baseline, actual and updated schedules. For comparison purposes, you may compare activity start and finish dates under all situations. All the above details related to above questions have been entered into MS-Project and the three mpp’s are enclosed with the assignment.

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