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Project Aims Developing An Electronic Notice Board System

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David Chicago, special thanks for believing in this project from the start to this far. Cannot forget my second supervisor, Mr.. Sammie. You have been a great role model to me throughout my course. Thank you for your support. I bestow your guidance and encouragement above and beyond the call of duty. I'm indebted to my family for all their support. May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you, my love to all of you in Christ Jesus, Amen. Very special thanks also to all my classmates and my friends Pascal, Antonym and Denis for expert advice and 'the cold hard truth' over the project idea.

Abstract The way notices are being communicated in various organizations is turning digital as opposed to the traditional method of sticking posters all-over. This is implemented best with the use of the thriving mobile technology where authorized people can receive notices in their mobile phones via Short Message Service (SMS), email or notifications on their social network accounts. However, a great number of organizations have not yet realized this application of technology and are still working on traditional platforms such as posters, messengers etc.

This is largely because of lack of a platform that meets the needs of both organizations as well as individuals with regard to communication of notices. Also, in most of these organizations, the notice board system(s) has had various problems such as: congestion of outdated information such that one cannot locate useful information easily; some notices are plucked down/removed before every intended person has had a chance to read them etc.

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Project Aims Developing An Electronic Notice Board System

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This project aims at offering a solution to overcome the current desperate approaches through developing an electronic notice board system to help organizations such as Mom university communicate their notices effectively. The distinctive features of the end-system will convey the deployment of CIT and its implications within organizations such as Mom University. The following, among other objectives were adopted for the reject: analyze the current notice board system(s), identify the challenges in communication of notices, and develop SMS, email, and later social networks- driven, highly customizable e-notice board platform for mass use.

The project was significant to Mom University, other organizations and the general public, because based on literature review, only a few organizations in the world such as Distillates of Nigeria and Firepower Ministries International (FM) in the Northeast of America; have implemented this technology in regard to communication of notices. Research was based on a case study in Mom University Main Campus (MUMS), School of Information Sciences. This case study has been chosen because within MUMS, all schools, clubs and other groups of people use posters or banners in order to communicate notices to their members.

The study will target around 50 respondents of which a sample size of 15 was included in the study. Simple random sampling and judgmental strategy methods were used; Main tools of data collection included interviews questionnaires and observations. The selection of these tools are preferred because they will guide the nature of data to be collected, mime availability as well as guiding the objectives of the study. Data collected was examined, categorized and tabulated into various frequency tables and percentages to help in the analysis of information.

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