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Electronic Grading System

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The purpose of this study is to support and improve the grading system of NDNI (Notre Dame of New Iloilo).

The current grading system of NDNI, which uses Excel is difficult on the part of the user. Not all of the users are fully computer literate and they have to process the student grade by themselves without proper monitoring of the Principal. Moreover E. G. S (Electronic Grading System) is fixed. In response to this problem, the solution is a user- friendly program, well guided system operation. The E.

G.S is a system that can help to process the grading system of NDNI. It is a system version improved by the IT Students of Notre Dame of Marbel University last 2009-2010. The flow of system is when the registrar finished initialize the user accounts of (teachers only), the registrar can import class list from the teachers record. As the imported data is gather from the teachers record, it will saved. Then the teacher can now update class record. And the registrar can view class record to monitor the performance of the teacher & students.

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Electronic Grading System

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II. Project Description A . Background of the StudyThe current system of NDNI which uses Excel is difficult on the part of user. Not all the users are computer literate and they have to process the students’ grade by themselves without the proper monitoring of the Principal. The problem also in Excel is that environmental that can cause error in case the user clicked or pressed accidentally. While E. G.

S is fixed to use by user. However the teacher has option to do computing manually if the E. G. S can’t support their needs. In response to this, the solution is a user-friendly program that can be accessed by the user.NDNI is currently using Excel as means of computing student grades. In terms of Excel, it is not easy to the part of the teachers’ to access the grade of the students immediately as needed, because sometimes it can cause environmental error.

B. Statement of the Problem The current grading system used by NDNI in Excel. It is not easy for the part of the teacher’s to access the grade of the students. C. Objectives a. General Objectives This project aims to automate the grading system of Notre Dame of New Iloilo by providing an Electronic Grading System. b.

Specific Objectives - To help the users to easily access the grades of the students. D. Significance of the Study This study is significant as stated for the following reasons: -It is user-friendly and adds convenience -Certain grading criteria can be set w/o adding formulas in every spreadsheet cell. -Faster transactions. -Easier records transfer (import and export) -Ease of accessibility E. Scope and Limitations of the Study - The coverage of the study includes entities such as Registrar and Teachers. However, the students are also included as a receiver.

The proposed project is relying on the exported excel file of the students record from the teacher record. Also, it will only process the grade of the students for a period of time. Common concept for a class records are being observed and applied for this application. Registrar and Principal can view all records . The teachers can only view their own records. F. Methodology Phase I (Preliminary Investigation) •Conducting a survey and interview -Required to get information needed to identify and organized process of the system to be developed.

•Define the new system objective •Set the scope and limitation

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