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Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice means constant use of one's intellectual and aesthetic powers. Perfect means 'ideal, complete and excellent. ' proper planning and practice promote perfect performance. Practice depends on training and it means repeating an activity. Constant practice also sharpens talents. One has to follow certain qualities to be perfect. These are hard work, strong will and power, faith, tolerance, positive approach, self confidence and dedication. The quality that prepares one for all other qualities is practice. One should not stop practicing and be satisfied until one achieves perfection.

Practice is a one and best way by which a person can achieve perfection. Practice makes one feel and understand the idea or thing again and again. The more one practices, the more errorless one becomes. He doesn't repeat the errors that were done previously. Practice begins from the cradle and ends in the grave. Right from childhood man practices various activities like talking, reading, writing, cooking, etc. The child practices speaking, first by learning the alphabets, then words, sentences and finally speech. The childs thorough practice reaches perfection in speaking.

One cannot ride a bicycle or motor bike or drive a car at the very first instance. Man needs practice until he reaches perfection. The same method applies to other areas too. Pefection is necessary in every shape of life. Perfection in shooting is an essential quality. Practice is essential in law and medicine too. Surgery can be mastered by practice. Even the practice of cooking enables one to get the perfect taste one wants. Thus, from the kitchen , to the office, practice is needed to gain perfection in every field. A person cannot be perfect in every sphere of life. It is quite natural to have certain deficencies.

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One can practice repeatedly to lessen these deficencies. One may face difficulties during the coarse of practice. One should not feel dejected in such a case, he should overcome them inorder to achieve perfection. Practice enables a person to reach the heights of success in all walks of life. Practice develops outstanding qualities in ones character. It not only brings perfection but also helps in building ones character. Thus, it is practice that makes a man perfect who can free every challenge in his life. So, remember ' A man is not fully perfect but practice makes a man perfect! '

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