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Personal and Imaginative – Waiting Room

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I stepped up cautiously to the tiny speaker, where I reluctantly pressed the call button. The high-pitched mechanical sounding voice of the receptionist asked me to enter. She led me into a room that was painted in fluorescent yellow. Don't copy this coursework you rat. After scanning the room thoroughly for thirty seconds to look for somewhere to sit, I saw a squashed corner between a large woman and a damp, frayed wall. My ears started to twitch; they could hear the dentist calling out complex numbers to the nurse who scratched her sharp pen on the desk.

My whole body shivered from the cold draft that swept in like a horde of rats scurrying through an open door. Don't copy this coursework you rat. I saw a leather chair, which repelled me instantly and made me cringe because it reminded me of what I would be tilted back onto soon. I waited impatiently for the nurse to call out my name; the war between the dentist and me desperately needed to be over soon. I leant over and fiddled with my hands. There was also an old man Don't copy this coursework you rat. who seemed very tense, my eyes fixed upon him for a short moment and discovered small droplets of sweat forming on his bald head.

As I leant backwards, my eyes started to shut. However, the sudden blow of air from an extractor fan woke me abruptly and I pushed my cold hands under my thighs to keep them warm. Don't copy this coursework you rat. I looked up at the clock, ticking almost as loud as the road drill I passed on the way here, my time was due. The shock made me sit up swiftly, trying to look confident and ready, the nurse came in, pointed at me and Don't copy this coursework you rat. said, 'you're next. ' This made me slouch over in distress. Rising from this back aching position, I walked over to the room.

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This overjoye Don't copy this coursework you rat. d, bewildered man greeted me; my mind wondered why he was so happy; was it the pain he is going to inflict upon me? Or the slaughter he put the previous person into? 'Usual check-up? ' After giving a faint nod as he glared over at me. Smelling for the usual, cheap soap smell that covered the room was Don't copy this coursework you rat. normal, no one could miss the filthy stench; the flavour of the soap settled in my mouth and under my tongue, making me pull a crooked face.

The phone rang in the background, I thought to myself that I could be 'saved by the bell' but the wretched receptionist, who bought me into this hellhole, answered it. The merciless dentist started to fill my mouth with his heap load of ironmongery, he jabbed at my gums, poked at my teeth, knocked them around and worst of all, took a needle, sharp as a newly p Don't copy this coursework you rat. olished, murderer's knife, and pushed it on my gums.

I gave a gasp of pain and shot up, knocking the junk out of his hands, spitting violently like a hailstorm Don't copy this coursework you rat. nto the sink beside me as blood trickled from the centre of my large tooth. I turned to him, with a face full of hatred, but his only tactle Don't copy this coursework you rat. ss answer was, 'sensitive teeth? ' At this point, my rage was taken over by my fear, as I leant backwards and signalled a sign for him to continue. I asked myself, dentists must be sadists... As he fished around in my mouth, I noticed the old, damp ceiling, where the brown water rings were poorly covered up by harrowing posters of gum disease and pictures of peoples teeth who just so happened to have unsightly cavities across their mouths.

I tried not to stare at the pictures for too long. To distract myself from the continuous Don't copy this coursework you rat. throbbing of my gums, after being brutally stabbed by, I fiddled with my hands, I scraped the leather chair I was in, and an extremely high pitched sound came out, I gave a slight shudder and just left my hands to lay beside me. It felt like a whole hour had passed by, but when I looked at the clock it had only been twelve minutes and 43 seconds to be exact. I starte Don't copy this coursework you rat. d to feel uncomfortable sitting and waiting for this building work to be completed.

The man took put a small tool, and slowly turned on a switch, which started up the extractor fan. This suddenly reminded me of how it startled me earlier, this small machine seemed to clean and suck up dirt from Don't copy this coursework you rat. my mouth. However, all I saw it do was dry up the insides of my mouth and make me want to shut my mouth to Don't copy this coursework you rat. re-hydrate it. He switched the machine off and I sighed with relief because he convinced Don't copy this coursework you rat. me that the deed was over. No more for another six months was the usual occurrence.

To my surprise he walked out of the room after, and mumbled something serious to the receptionist. He came back in and told me, 'you must see me again ne Don't copy this coursework you rat. xt week, I have to remove some dead teeth that are softening your gums,' at the point where he said, 'remove,' I instantly felt a heat wave pass through my head feeling like the sun had just burnt through my skull. I could not argue, there was nothing to say apart from, 'have a nice day. ' My e Don't copy this coursework you rat. yes bounced up and down rapidly thinking of someway to get out of more, grievous harm to my mouth.

My mind wondered what I had done to deserve this Don't copy this coursework you rat. unfair treatment, but then I remembered the nights of not brushing my teeth and date with a packet of wine gums and once, only once, for a whole week, forgetting to buy that toothpaste. I tried to escape the tooth prison without arranging a time for the next appointment. But no, with my extremely bad luck, I w Don't copy this coursework you rat. as 'saved Don't copy this coursework you rat. ' by the dentist... 'You have to ask Miss Sassin here for an appointment date and time. Instead of making my anger obvious, I tried to put a silent curse on him and wished that he is run over on the way home. However, all I heard was 'ask the assassin to point to the teeth she may kill. ' I was forced to make a date and time, on the spot. I declined all open appointments left between the next day and three months later, after that, the od Don't copy this coursework you rat. d pensioner had booked their abnormal 7am appointments, but the rest were free, so there was no hope in begging to be excused any more. In 4 months, I was back, there to serve my time for committing the crime.

Personal and Imaginative – Waiting Room essay

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