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Imaginative: Context Justice

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Individuals will go to extraordinary lengths?even fight against an entire, community ?in order to seek Justice. Dearest Scout, I know that as I write this, you are much too young to understand the events that are happening around us which will affect you one day. I hope that as you read this five, ten, or even fifteen years in the future, you can understand my motives behind what I have done. Our family name has come under great scrutiny because I took on a case that I feel I was called to do by our Lord himself. I was approached to defend Tom

Robinson against claims that he had committed unlawful acts on a young girl he lived near. I knew from the moment I accept this case that I would not win. A colored man on trial for a crime such as rape Is never going to win. Just talking to someone of color Is considered a terrible act In today's society. You are Intelligent enough to realism how the Finch family Is considered now that I have fought long and hard for Tom. During the trial, I did not want you or your brother In the town because I knew what the townsfolk would whisper or gossip about as you walked by In your own innocent, imaginative state in which I admire every day.

They whisper terrible things about me, that I love Negroes and don't appreciate the responsibility and 'privileged' life I have because of my skin color. Scout, you are the brightest young lady I will ever know, and I pray that you, too, realism that just because someone has dark colored skin, doesn't make them a terrible person. Everyone deserves the right for justice - regardless of their gender, age, status or skin color. The accepted notion of society in South Alabama is that blacks do not have the same rights as white, and hat a black man's testimony in court is not as credible as that of a white man.

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I attempted, in the courtroom, to go against the accepted views of society by putting Tom Robinson on the stand and offered his testimony in direct conflict with that of the white so-called victim. This was seen as a disgusting act against the American justice system. However, sometimes, all a case needs is one person to put their hand up for someone in order to turn their life around. That one person could, potentially, change the outcome of someone's life.

You must be careful though, Scout, because if the wrong person is put in charge, he can take severe advantage of people and ruin society- Just like in that book you loved when I read to you, 'Animal Farm'. When the animals put all of their trust and hope in the hands of Napoleon, he does them wrong and manipulates them to see the wrong In others so his wrongs are hidden. I hope, and I pray, that you will see that I am not a terrible person for doing what the community think is a wrong' against our family. Society Is very similar to Napoleon.

It often highlights the flaws in others In order to hide and defend Itself. I have bought you up so you won't Just take on any pollen. You are highly opinionated and aren't easily pressured into thinking or doing something you do not agree with. May you always have this opinion, as I don't think that others will In times to come. Sometimes one has to go against the normality In society to unsure that Justice Is seen for everyone. I have had to do this, and I hope that you do too, as It Is one of the bravest acts one could do for another. I love you, Scout. CICS.

Imaginative: Context Justice essay

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