What is the purpose of the HCC Student Handbook?
To communicate student rights and responsibilities.
Cost of attending HCC full-time, part time, registration fee?
$1200, $100 per credit hour, $50
Who is the president of HCC?
Vernon Clyde Muse
Where is the District Dean of Students office located? What services can you receive there?
Raymond, ms. Coordinates and oversees areas of residence life
What is FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)
An act to allow students access to their personal records
What happens if you are caught on campus without you ID
you will receive a fine. (1st offence $25, 2nd $50, 3rd possible suspension from class.
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what is an official school absense
Student missing class as the result of attending official school activities.
What is the consequence of failing to contact the instructor after receiving a notice of absence?
Can be dropped from the class with the grade of an F
Where is the academic Dean’s office located? What services can you receive there?
Raymond campus at the Herrin-Stewart Hall. Information services
What causes scholastic probation and scholastic suspension
a student who fails to earn 7 or more semester hours with a term GPA of 2.0 or greater will be placed on Scholastic suspension. Students that return after one fall or spring semester will enter on scholastic probation.
where and when can you completely withdraw from the college?
Students who have paid tuition can use their my.hinds account to remove themselves from all classes. Prop to 5 working days before the first day of final exams for classes during a regular semester.
How do you withdraw from a single class?
students may begin to withdraw from online classes beginning the day after drop/add period until the last day to withdraw as indicated by the MSVCC calendar.
what grade point average must you maintain in order to reside on campus housing? How many hours must you have in order to live on campus?
2.0 GPA. 12 of more hours
how often must a student file an application for financial aid in order to continue receiving financial assistance.
every semester
list three types of financial aid
grant, loan, work study program
list 3 clubs on campus
Lendon Players, Screamin Eagles car club, Hi Steppers
where is the english and math lab located? campus police?
Moss Hall Raymond campus. Lower level student union Raymond campus
what are the hours for the Library
Fall and spring hours M-Th 715-8pm F 745-4pm
what procedure must students follow when severe weather or natural disasters occur that affect the regular college schedule?
Proceed to the lowest floor of the building. Residence hall students should move to the interior corridors of the residence hall.
What is the smoking policy for HCC
Smoking is only allowed designated smoking areas that have been approved by the schools president.