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Swot: Nokia Mobile Exist

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: Which is the most important? Why? How might your response change if you were the CEO of a corporation? What if you were a customer of the firm? An employee? A supplier? Answer: The SWOT strategy is one of the most useful tools in analysing data and information from the company. By using this SWOT tool, company will know itself clearly that which part is powerful, what to improve, what more can do and what to challenge.In my opinion, Threats is the most important overall because if there is no threats any more, companies will not be worried about the quantity of sales.

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For example, NOKIA (mobile phone), if there is just NOKIA mobile exist in the mobile world without other types mobile companies like SONY ERICSSON or SUMSONG, then people definitely have to buy NOKIA due to it is the only mobile company.As if I were the CEO of a corporation, I would see Opportunities as the most important strategy when I used SWOT, because I need to look for and make the opportunities for my company to help the company gain more benefits. For example, company can increase its scale to become a big-scale company by corporate acquisition, and to do so, I, CEO of the company, need to seek for the opportunities for it, thus I think Opportunities is the most important.

I will choose Strengths as the most important strategy if I were the customer of the firm. As customer, I would like to compare the products or services among several companies and then purchase for the greatest one. For example, buying skin care products, I will buy the product that I used as the most comfortable, soft and effective for my skin even if others are cheaper; however, if I were the employee for the firm, I would say weakness is the most important for me.This is because I need to know what the weakness while I’m working, and then I will try my best to fix and improve it. This can be done by customer feedback and after-sale services. For being a supplier to the firm, I would look at the Threats first. This is because I have to make sure that firm will make orders from me and one of the important problem is the plenty of competitors.

This make the Threats as the most important thing that I would face.