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(a) New York Life Insurance company offers a complete package of insurance coverage beginning from a minimum period of 5 years, covering upto the age of 90 for couple who have just started married life. Baby plan, retirement plan, saving scheme, mortgage and collateral security for obtaining loans are some of the advantages of New York Life Insurance company. For investments in mutual funds or for enrolling into any saving scheme, company provides agents who provide perfect guidance for drawing full benefits from the preferred scheme offered by New York Life Insurance company.

(b) Once again New York Life Insurance offers another package for college studies through upromise. com which is a source for both college savings and college funds as well for obtaining financial loan for college education. Education Planner. com is another source exclusively from New York Life Insurance company, for collegians who are in need of college funds. The plan offers a wide range of services beginning from choosing careers to the stage of scholarship and educational loans.

Students can completely avail required benefits of funds by opting education planner, which is much easier and takes less processing time for obtaining college funds. (c) Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering excellent loan assistance for running home businesses especially for women. Repayment of fresh loan or a short-term loan for meeting the financial requirements of existing business are some of the best financial programs offered by SBA.

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The term of repayment begins from 7 yrs and lasts upto a period of 25 years which is very convenient for loan applicants. References Education Planner by Americal Education Services Accessed December 21, 2007 http://www. educationplanner. com/education_planner/default. asp? sponsor=2859 New York Life Accessed December 21, 2007 http://www. newyorklife. com/cda/0,3254,12344,00. html Small Business loan and commercial real estate loan Accessed December 21, 2007 http://www. myownbusinessloan. com/

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