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Last Updated: 31 May 2017
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Super Power is an extra ordinary power that is God’s gift to a person. Super power is a special power that some special people have; it is rare to find people with super power. Everyone wants super power like laser eyes,, flying power, fire breathing power, a power by which people can make electricity pass through him but he wont get affected, a person may have a strong skull, freezing power, supper strength, strength of being invisible, being a fairy, magic power, etc.

Even I want super powers, I want such a power with which I can see the death, I wish I could see any signs by which I could understand that there is going to be an accident or some how if any person is going to die. I had a dream of having this power when I first saw a movie named ‘The Eye’. This is a horror film, in which a girl who lived in a small town who had not much power or believers except her mother.

She ha this super power, people thought she was a witch and thought she used to kill the people as she could tell who was about to die, so she suicides. But before she died she predicted a big accident which will occur on the way to the city. She died but her spirit was still there, on the other hand there was a girl named Sydney who lived in the city, who lost her eye sight when she was 5 years old.

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The girl chooses Sydney to fulfill her last wish, to stop the accident and save the people. And at the and she did save the people… From the movie I’ve learned one thing the people who have power or believers doesn’t want to do any thing from their hearts, they just know to tell people that they can do many things, but in reality they don’t do anything but, people who wants to do something doesn’t have the power.

If I had this super power, I don’t think anyone would believe me that if I was telling the truth or I will be trying to save them, they may also take me as a witch too. But I still want to help them; I want to save all the damages and all the people. If I had this super power, I know o couldn’t save or help anyone but, I can tell from my heart that I would try my best to save them.

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