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Documentary film Super Size Me

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Crucial health information is brought to the general public’s attention, when Morgan Spurlock directs and stars in the documentary film Super Size Me. After the obesity epidemic that broke out in the early 2000’s, Spurlock wonder’s what would happen if he were to consume only McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner for thirty days. This experiment raised many eyebrows to what is really reflected as healthy food. Therefore, due to Spurlock’s study a question came to mind; Should McDonald’s place health warning labels on their so-called food products?

Yes, all McDonald’s should place health warning labels’ on their products of food. Spurlock proves that McDonald’s is not safe to consume, because at the end of his experiment he gained twenty four and a half pounds, had a thirteen percent increase in body mass, a cholesterol level of 230, elevated mood swings, fat buildup in his liver and sexual dysfunction. Many critics say that because Spurlock was not exercising regularly and was intentionally consuming an average of 5,000 calories a day, that anybody would have had the same results.

Nonetheless after Spurlock carried out his experiment, he proved his case which is, walking 5,000 steps a day and consuming 5,000 calories a day of just McDonald’s is dangerous from every view and McDonald’s should place warning labels on all their food that is sold to the public. Though warning labels’ on McDonalds food would not harm business as much as corporate thinks it will, in the film Super Size Me, Spurlock approaches random members on the street of Manhattan, New York and ask if they know how bad McDonalds is for them and if so, why do they continue to eat it?

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Every person that was addressed by Spurlock stated yes they do know fast food restaurants are the main cause for health problems, but they still love to eat out. Proving that even the informed American concisely makes the decision to eat out rather than making a fresh meal at home. In the end, Spurlock’s film was a success when it came to getting his message across, which is, be informed and stay healthy.

Documentary film Super Size Me essay

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