My Strengths

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The only reason why I can say so much about myself is I take in a lot of feedback from people who know me. Although I know that I should be a person with full self-awareness, I take into account how other people see me so I could improve in areas where I could improve (and when I think it is fair and appropriate) and subsequently lead a better life. It is one good sign of openness to the opportunities that the world can offer – the ability to take criticism, move on and know that there is nothing personal about seeking improvement in what you are doing.

My friends, classmates and loved ones have always told me that I have the knack for speaking my own thoughts. I am straightforward and I like expressing my thoughts in a direct manner. I think it is a plus, because people do not really want to waste time guessing what you mean. I live to describe things as I see them, and tell things as they are.

I have a great sense of humor. I find it easy to make friends laugh during casual conversations. Sense of humor is a great element in interpersonal communication, specifically in the field of marketing and campaigns. Sense of humor is also good for career-driven people who need to talk to countless people to build an excellent business network.

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I am also a fast, responsive learner. I am smart when it comes to numbers -- it is good for business, I know.

I studied in reputable schools, and that gives me an edge over people who did not get to study at all. Although my education is not a reason for bragging, it is a reason to be grateful that I know a lot of things that life outside school will not be able to teach me.

I have had several part-time and summer jobs, which honed my alertness, level of customer service understanding, and entrepreneurial side. I am fully aware that every job I’ve done in the past is a lot of the reason why I am the confident person that I am today; it will also form part of who I’m going to be tomorrow, or five years down the line.

To sum it up, the major details of my past -- in school and in my career, ultimately, in life in general -- have helped me become this strong and competent person that I am today.

My Weaknesses

Like most human beings, I have my own set of weaknesses. I am not tolerant of hunger. When I’m hungry, I eat. I eat peanuts or crackers, I just have to shove some edible and nutritious food down my throat and I’ll be fine. But when I’m hungry, really very hungry, I lose concentration, and experience terrible mood swings. This is the reason why I always have chocolate and crackers in my pocket.

One of weaknesses, too is not putting down a book when I started reading. I also do not turn off the DVD player once I decide to watch a TV series-in DVD minimovies. On one hand, it is good that I do not stop doing something when there seems to be nothing going on. On the other hand, it is bad because I should be able to stick to schedule and I’ve got to have the courage to turn off the television when I have to, whether I’m being slaved over by my boss.

Why an Employer Should Hire Me

An employer should hire me because my whole life has been a preparation for a job that would make me extremely competent as an employee.

An employer should hire me because I am a very fast learner and I am an excellent team player.

At the same time, I am independent. You can leave me here and I’ll be fine. I will ask a few questions but that’s that. I won’t ask for spoon-feeding because I like the idea that I’m leaning in an unsupervised environment.

An employer should hire me because I will take care of his business as if it’s my own. (It will spell a lot of difference.)

The many mistakes that have occurred in many businesses and contacts before include their team’s unsupportive nature.

I am excellent story-teller. I will make a socially-aware potential Mr. Mc Donanld?




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