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My school friends essay

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At school, I talk with many guys. We have a very friendly class. We often gather at one of us at home, sometimes we go to discos or to the movies. But I have only two true friends. Rather, this is a friend and girlfriend - my classmates John and Sarah.

I know John for a long time. We were friends since kindergarten. And Sarah came to us in the sixth grade. She was sociable and quickly joined our team. She is groovy, charming. In the class they love her. Sarah used to live in Moscow. She tells us a lot about this city, about her friends who stayed there. She is very interesting to listen to. Almost every weekend, John and I arrange tours for her in Kharkov. Sarah says that she is oriented no worse here than in Moscow. I'm glad I made friends with her. Sometimes it seems to me that she misses her Moscow friends very much. I don’t know if we can replace them with her, but we try to help her in everything.

John, of course, often separates from us and spends time with his friends - boys. But Sarah and I are not offended. Maybe they have real male friendships there. Be that as it may, he will never betray us, he will always support us. Sarah and I study English additionally, and John has basketball training at the school gym these days, after which he is always waiting for us to go home. I know he won’t give us a grudge.

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My school friends essay

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I can’t imagine what will happen when we grow up. I do not want to look into the future. But my mother says that very often people who were friends in childhood quarrel, break up in adulthood, and do not even greet each other in casual encounters. But I do not believe. I hope that I will never be separated from John and Sarah.

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