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It’s really fantastic to have friends because you can never get more amused than by communicating with them, and learning every little feature of their characters. Sometimes, they may seem annoying and tiresome, but overall you can stop being amazed at how nice those little annoying features make a person, and you don’t want to change them. My friend Donna is a great example of such a character. Her little flaws just make her even more perfect. Donna is simply too smart.

Once you start talking to her, you realize that no matter how much you learn, she will always beat you. Can there be anything more annoying than realizing how inferior you are in comparison with her? Another annoying feature you notice at once is that Donna simply can’t stop making witty comments about anything she doesn’t approve of, and she keeps adding and adding more comments. One should be ready for lots of teasing if he wears some weird-looking hat, or didn’t have time to comb his hair. Donna simply can’t stop. She isn’t balanced at all. She has to point at everything what she finds funny and strange.

Besides, Donna likes to give advice whenever she needs and doesn’t need to do that. She thinks she analyzes everything so much better than anyone else does, so she wants to give advice to the whole world on any subject: when the best time to attend the hair-dresser is, how to budget money to get enough savings for a new super short dress, what kind of house to build, how to administer a beauty salon, what color of makeup to buy in this season. Donna drives people really crazy with her advice on any point.

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But perhaps her most annoying feature is that she is too crazy about herself. She wants to attract the attention to herself every second. Every single spare minute she looks in the mirror, and seems to admire the reflection too much. From time to time people have to wonder whether she is going to act in movies very soon- it is very possible she will finally achieve that. Donna just attracts attention to herself in all the situations, even when it’s not appropriate at all.

Have you heard stories about how parties go when Donna arrives? Let me tell you one. Imagine everybody assembled at the birthday party, talking, eating, drinking, congratulating the birthday-boy, and not worrying about anything. Then the door opens, and Donna not walks but flies in. That’s her usual manner of walking- flying as if she has a couple of eagles carrying her on their wings.

The world gets turned upside down at the party right away after Donna’s arrival. Everybody gets shut up, even the guy having a birthday party. Nobody even notices him anymore because the “real” star has arrived, and everybody is almost feeling her radiant beams. The party becomes completely centralized in Donna’s hands. Donna talks about everything what comes into her mind, and it’s always too interesting. It drives everyone crazy because Donna gets all the attention but nothing can be done about that.

Here she is already checking the food supply and arranging on the telephone the order of some more food and drinks for the party because she sees that something is missing. She is running around the house bringing new dishes in. She invents a hundred different contests to entertain the guests at the party. She is telling anecdotes and making everyone fall off their chairs of too much laughing. One will never forget a birthday party with the participation of Donna. You might think she is crazy for having as much energy as a jet aircraft, but that is just the way she is. You will definitely find it annoying how she wants the world to turn around her- but she is really worth that!

Have you ever seen Donna shopping in the store for her next party? That’s a show to see. It looks as if she is getting ready for her first ball like girls were getting ready in England many centuries ago. At that time every girl thought that during the first ball she will meet her future husband. She had to prepare very carefully. Donna is the same way, but about every party. Everything needs to be too perfect from her point of view.

She will not buy a dress unless it fits her like a princess. Donna can waste hours and go from one store to another driving sales girls crazy with her requests, but she will eventually find something what will make her a goddess. The sales girls will be sweating from carrying more and more clothes to Donna to try. But she doesn’t care how many items she has to try on.

She stands near the mirror and gazes at herself for as much time as she wants. Donna knows will get her dream-dress this way or another. One always gets amazed where she finds all that stuff, but she somehow does. It’s really annoying that Donna wants everything in her life to be so perfect. However, it makes her really cute. She is just different from others.

Donna is certainly an outstanding character. Even though some of her features are really annoying, they seem that way to many people only because they envy her. They envy Donna’s industriousness, her thirst for knowledge and perfection, and her insatiable energy. Some people even suspect she is out of this world because she is never sad, always in a great mood, and willing to change everything what she considers not perfect enough.

Everybody who knows Donna well is already used to those features of her character, and simply neglects those which seem annoying in many ways. There are no perfect people in the world. That is why it’s just necessary to take people the way they are. Donna definitely rings sunshine into the world. Everybody who knows her well can’t get enough of her. Whenever she is around, there is no stop for jokes and laugh. Nobody can be sad. If you ever want to get a smile on your face, just go see my friend Donna.

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