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Two Men and a Truck

After reading the case study Two Men and a Truck, I have concluded that the motivational theory used by Mary Ellen Sheets was the goal setting theory.When using the goal-setting theory, employees are motivated when they have a specific goal to complete.Mary Ellen sheets set these goals and encouraged her franchises.

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Her goal was to have all the franchises have a good experience considering that this is an industry known to cause stress. Two Men has a computer lab where the franchisers are able to check their colleagues spending patterns as well as communicate with each other.

This allows them to see what is working and what is not, to help them to be successful. Mary Ellen Sheets business approach to creating high-performing teams within the company was to create consistency within the company. She created Stick Men University, which allowed the franchise owners as well as their employees to learn everything that she has learned. This includes learning the basics such as answering a prospective client’s first call to shaking their hand after the job is completed.

Mary Ellen Sheets went as far as building a two-story house at the University to help the franchise owners and employees simulate moving challenges and work through them. After reading the case study Siemens, I have concluded that the motivational theory used by Klaus Kleinfeld was the job enrichment theory. When using this theory, employees who have control over how they performed their job or how they manage their job, are motivated to work better. Klaus Kleinfeld negotiated with the employees to work flexible shifts.

He explained to them that this would help to accomplish the work more quickly and cost effectively. By accomplishing this goal, the company would make more money. This would then give the employees more money and job security. These are two big motivators, which would have employee’s performance increase. Klaus Kleinfeld’s approach to creating high-performing teams within Siemans was to encourage the employees to work together to get the job done. Many companies are outsourcing jobs to other countries as a more cost efficient option.

Klaus Kleinfeld knew it was important for the employees to work together to be able become more cost efficient. This would allow them to keep their jobs instead of their jobs moving to another country. Klaus was able to motivate the employees to pull together, because he was very open with communication with the employees. He would answer emails from employees immediately, even if it were late at night. This type of leadership is what allowed him to be able to accomplish this.

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