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There are two levers for moving men. One is fear and the other, interest

The interest of the students is a one wild, untamed and elusive matter which controls the path to where the instruction will fall.It is a feather which has the power to tip the balance of the weighing scale between success and failure.It is a determining factor to whether the approach will be effective or not.

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So for the teaching-learning process to be productive and utterly successful, the teacher, instructor or facilitator must capture this intangible creature and keep a firm hold of it for it may fuel the engine of your train named “Instruction” towards the station on the avenue of accomplishment and goals.

Or it may head for the worse and suffer a catastrophic derailment which is our dear students’ ignorance of what we intend to teach them which defines a real teaching fiasco. To remedy such dilemma, you must lubricate your gears with the grease of “Variations”. With doing this, we are aiming to smoothen the rotation of wheels of the lesson on the axles of the objectives we have set for the meeting.

By means of conducting varied teaching methods, incorporated with series of corresponding assessment tools with appropriate instructional materials, we may ensnare and nail our students’ interest on the lesson so deep that maneuvering our way to success will be as easy as eating pie during tea time. Once we have mesmerized our students’ attention, we can gain an overwhelming boost of motion and accelerate the pace of productivity of our instruction so effective we can attain, or even surpass our educational objectives and come up with a much desirable outcome.

Our teaching methods and strategies shall depend on the capabilities and needs of our students. The learners shall be at the apex of our considerations for they are the center of the teaching-learning process. The effectivity of our strategies depends on how much our learners gained from us. We are much likely to be triumphant if our students acquired a ton of knowledge from us. It will mean that we have succeeded on our aim to distribute our ideas to them.

This is a way of flourishing their minds to which we are going to reap a bountiful harvest of creativity and imaginative thought in the future. Just like in farming and agriculture, in order for our farmers to produce more crops, they practice different kinds of methodologies in planting, maintaining and harvesting, integrating different sorts of techniques to come up with a new innovative way to cultivate crops.

Then if we try to transfer this thought in Education, our teachers arrive at the idea of using different types of teaching approaches and techniques so that they can increase the level of the Philippine Education compared to the overwhelming standards of International Schooling. By integrating different ways of teaching, we envision to proliferate the amount of knowledge we give our students because through the use of varied methods, we can maximize our very limited time for instruction.

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