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Money Discussion

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How Much Does a Construction Workermake?

Construction Workers earn a median salary of $33,430 per year. Salaries typically start from $21,510 and go up to $62,600

What will the market bear or bare?

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It is not correct to say that market will "bare" because it means ''naked." So, there is no logic in this word combination. There is a collocation "the market will bear," and it is used quite often. It means that the market will support something

What would happen if currency in all countries had fewer denominations?

In this case, the variety of currencies and exchange rate would be unavailing, and only one currency could be entered. The monetary policy of all states would be interconnected, and if countries implement it independently, denominations in countries will become different, so such a phenomenon could be very short-lived.

Which government agency responsible for control of the money supply is?

Federal Reserve

Management trainee enterprise salary?

Job Title Enterprise Salary
Management Trainee $38,414
Assistant Manager $41,125
Branch Manager $46,195
Management Trainee - Hourly $13.95/hr

What would happen if all currencies had the same value?

Such situation can become real only if the currency has some real value like gold. The rules for the monetary policy will have to be more rigid for all countries. There will be a necessity to create one organization which will control the flow of the world currency as well as its value. However, it's quite impossible that this all will be done in a friendly way. Sometimes the government cannot resolve monetary problems within one small country. What can be triggered if the whole world is involved? There is a high likelihood that new conflicts and even wars can be brought about.

From my perspective, the attempts to create the world currency is doomed to failure, just as it happened with the attempt to create the world language Esperanto.

Money and currency are related because?

Money and currency are related because they are actually interchangeable synonyms. Money can be used as a more broad term, while currency refers to the money of the specific country. However, in the context, they can be used as absolute synonyms.

Why does everything cost money?

Why everything cost money? Money has been created for regulating the consumption and supply. If money didn't exist, there would be no guarantee that everyone get enough products. There is an idea of Communism which tries to diminish the value of money. However, it turned out to be an unreal regime.

What are some examples of consumer and capital goods?

Consumer goods vs capital goods are interconnected. Consumer goods include all those products which you can buy in the supermarket or any shop. It can be anything from milk to flowers. Capital goods include those tools, machinery, technical devices which are used for manufacturing consumer goods.

How to give yourself money in CSGO?

If you adore playing Counter-Strike, you will like to find out about the means of getting money in CSGO. Start with opening the console (you should enable developer console on the keyboard) and then type the code sv_cheats1. In the console space type 101 for the desired free $16,000. Now you can enjoy the game even more with this money. It will allow you to buy lots of monstrous weaponry.

Cash money records taking over for the 99 and 2000?

There is a song beginning with the words "Cash records taking over for the 99 and 2000". It is a rap song by Juvenile. The song is called "Back That Thang Up." By the way, these words are only used in the intro, so you won't find it while listening to the explicit version of the song.

What is the opportunity cost of holding money?

The opportunity cost of holding money is the benefit, which could be obtained if the money would be invested, so it is equal to the percentage of investment profit. Holding money does not bring any income, but it is justified in some cases, for instance, if a company need to have assets that have to be ready to be put into circulation at any time, while investing, which is positive for business, deprives financial freedom to a certain extent.

What did Steve Jobs sell to raise the seed money to start Apple Computers?

What did Steve Jobs sell to raise the seed money to start Apple Computers? For that time, Steve worked with Wozniak, and they decided to sell their properties to get some starting capital. Steve Jobs sold VW bus, and his friend got money for selling HP 65 Calculator. In sum, they got approximately $ 1,200.

Is a health savings account (HSA) useful? Why?

Health savings account is just like an ordinary account where you can save up money, but the purpose of HSA spending is connected with health only. This service is useful because you can always be sure that no matter what happens you have some savings for medical treatment. As to the advantages, HSA allows anyone to contribute to your account. Also, it is very convenient to pay for any medicaments because HSA provides a debit card.

Where does the money from unemployment come from?

Where does unemployment money come from? This money is paid from the trust funds which belong to the government and each state. Employers pay certain percentage of the employee’s salary to fulfill that unemployment fund. The amount of taxes are discussed with the employer, and there are even discounts for those who pay salary on time.

Preferred stock issued in exchange for land would be reported in the statement of cash flows in?

It will be reported in a separate schedule. A preferred stock as a term means a unity of specific class of shares which have features opposite to those of the common stock. As a rule, preferred stock has preferences in dividend payment.

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