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A Comparison and Contrast Discussion between the Reading

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Women are viewed differently by men in the society today. There are certainly those who are able to view women as delicate vases while there are those who simply see them as material slaves who are supposed to serve and not be served in return, these differentiating view of women has been the focal point of the presentation of the major issues with regards women attention and treatment as per shown through the readings prepared by Kincaid and Wright.

Comparison and Contrast

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     Starting off with Kincaid’s “Girl”, she pointed out how particular cultures treat women as mere slaves. Someone who needs to be instructed on how to do things as they are actually expected to accomplish such duties for those whom they are supposed to serve [including their husbands and their families]. It seems like as if, it is through the accomplishment of these duties that they are given the rightful respect that they are due in the house and within the community that they are living in.

Everything a girl is for is for the sake of her family and the ones she loves. At some point, some women today are living in this particular trend of treatment as received from their mates as well as from their families. Sadly though, only a few are able to realize that women ought to have their own voices, able to do what they really want to do for the sake of personal growth while accomplishing the tasks that they are expected to complete.

Furthermore, no matter what tradition suggests, women are supposed to be viewed as complementary individuals for the success that men are particularly aiming for and not simply the slave driven to follow rules and instructions for better service to the people that they ought to love as women.

For this reason, the selection “Flight” by Wright shows a different version of women treatment that is quite more pleasing than the previous explanation. In this selection, the author points out that he is in dire need of his mate that he has made her the source of his life. He actually noted that he longed for her companionship and would thus trade anything else just to have her back beside him to share with him the life that they both planned to enjoy back then.

Sadly though, there are only a few kinds of men today who would really see women in this manner. However, with the existence of true love and respect, the situation becomes much bearable to deal with.

True, women are individuals wanting and needing of attention and respect. They are well aware that they are rather expected to complete different tasks in the house for their mates and their families as well.

However, this is not an indication that they are then supposed to carry the burden of being disrespected although they are already doing the best of their efforts to complete their responsibilities as women of their families and their societies as well.

It is never easy being a woman. Especially during this era of modernization, everything with regards the role of woman in the society and the family has already changed. It seems as if the responsibilities have changed.

Moreover, the situation has already been rearranged by the fact that women now are not only expected to stay at home and do the chores, instead, they are now expected to become highly competitive as they are also expected to work long hours for money for the sake of their families. Imagine the huge amount of responsibilities that women particularly need to carry upon their shoulders, yet they continue to endure the hard times of life as it faces them.

Overall Reaction to the Readings

If observed closely, the writings of Wright and Kincaid actually pertain to a gradual pattern of realization. Kincaid simply places an emphasis on how women are trained to be accustomed to the responsibilities that they are to face as they grow towards maturity while the writings of Wright uses the situation to be the basis of the thought of actually finding the right reasons to support a woman and be her strength as a major source of inspiration for her to have the capability of completing her tasks well.


Understandably, the matter depends on the society’s realization of how women actually contributes to the progress of the society as a mother, as a wife, a friend and a worker. Recognizing the importance of women’s existence in this manner would indeed empower the people in becoming more respective and fine-mannered towards the treatment that they imply to the women in their own communities.


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