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Mixed Methods Lori Hudson Walden University Mixed methods research is combined with qualitative and quantitative research methods which consist Of the quality and emphasize measurement and variables (Dentin & Lincoln, 2003). In this paper, I will provide information about mixed methods and what type of designs, timing, and data collection that was used by Tortes. I will also discuss the theoretical lens that will be used in the study. Will also discuss the data analysis, which will deliver bendable information and the rationale as to why mixed methods were used in this particular article.

Design Using the mixed methods research article by Tortes provided in the Learning Resources, briefly describe the type of design and the timing of the data collection. Theoretical Lens Briefly describe the theoretical lens that underlies the study. Be sure to support your points with scholarly support. Data Analysis Briefly describe the data analysis procedures used in the study. Be sure to support your points with scholarly support. Rationale for Mixed Methods Explain the rationale for using the mixed method design in this study.

Be sure to support your points with scholarly support. Conclusion Your conclusion section should recap the major points you have made in your work. However, perhaps more importantly, you should interpret what you have written and what the bigger picture is. Remember your paper should be 2 - 3 pages not counting your title page and reference page. Please do not exceed three pages of content. Save your Application as a ". Doc" or ". RTF" file tit the filename APP+your first initial+last name.

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For example, Sally Ride's assignment filename would be "Appeasers". Use the "Submit an Assignment" link, choose the Week 9: Application basket, and then add your Application as an attachment. References Always include references. Be sure every reference is in PAP format with a hanging indent. Also, every citation should have a reference and vice versa. Use the PAP manual, the Citation Guide or some source to verify your format. PAP is very specific about punctuation and how elements Of the reference are presented.

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