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Marketing Research Definition

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Testing Procedure - Marketing research provides information about consumers and markets, and their reactions to various products, prices, distribution, and promotion strategies. Research is the process of finding a solution to a problem or question through the use of scientific tools and techniques ((ICMR), 2004). Questionnaires are one of the various research instruments that are available to carry out the marketing research. The testing procedure to find out the brand strength of Doritos and the off brand was a survey by the use of questionnaires. This is one of the most effective and popular techniques used in surreys.

2. Results of the Survey – The results of the above survey are as follows: 10 out of 10 preferred Doritos cheesy flavor 10 out of 10 would eat Doritos again and would recommended to others 8 out 10 said the price would definitely affect their buying decision 9 out 10 calories and ingredients did not influence their choice. 5 out of 10 said the packaging did influence their decision. 7 out of 10 would not change anything 3 out of 10 said they would make the off brand cheesier and bigger in size The above results of the survey depict the customer perceptions about the 4Ps of marketing with respect to a particular brand.

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The concept of 4Ps of a marketing mix namely the product, price, place and promotion was introduced by Jerome McCarthy and developed by Philip Kotler. The 4Ps of the marketing mix are the aspects upon which a marketing manager has control over (NetMBA, 2002) and hence research conducted would help in amending the decisions taken by the firm with respect to the 4Ps. 3. Recommended changes – The following are the changes that would be recommended to the manufacturers of both the brands. The recommendations are based upon the survey finding. The survey findings clearly show that Doritos is the market leader in snack production.

If it is assumed that there are only two players – Doritos and the Off-brand – in the market, it is clear that Off-brand is a loser in the market. The only way that a loser in a market place can spring surprises on the market leader is adopting ‘guerilla marketing’ strategies. It is a kind of promotional strategy which is unconventional in nature. In this method, the customers are targeted with promotional offer which they would not have expected. It is recommended that Off-brand snack manufacturers sell their snack item at loss by lowering their prices drastically.

This strategy is recommended until the time they attract the competitor’s customers. It is advisable that they follow Pepsi’s technique of targeting younger generation and attracting them towards their product. The manufacturers can transform their product into a cheesier one and bigger in size as results of survey reveal there are customers who prefer this change. When it comes to Doritos, it is recommended that they improve their packaging as it would definitely help in attracting more customers and slightly modify the taste of the product and create a perception of increased cheesiness in the product.

They need not change their price but can target their product as a premium product hence sending a message in the market stating that customers enjoying the Doritos product are premium customers. In order to retain its existing customers, the company can announce a reward system i. e. if a prescribed number of stickers are returned at respective outlet, the customers can avail one pack of the snack free of cost. Bibliography (ICMR), I. C. (2004). Marketing Management. Hyderabad: ICMR. NetMBA. (2002). The Marketing Mix. Retrieved November 21, 2008, from NetMBA. com: http://www. netmba. com/marketing/mix/

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