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Marketing Communication Strategy

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SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Marketing Communication Strategy (BA 5128)

BOBLBEE - A unique and breakthrough backpack that provides a very versatile combination for transporting high-tech equipment together with soiled shoes or skates, while protecting both the contents and the carrier. The Urban Backpack was initially created by the young and dynamic designer Jonas Blanking who sees a need to protect his sports gear and work equipment from different hash environments he faced in everyday life. The The selling point of this unique bags lies within it’s Monocoque Hardshell strong and protective, yet light, comfortable and ergonomically sound.

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Together with Internal Cargo System and The External Cargo System came together as the first BOBLBEE™ Monocoque Hardshell Backpack in 1998. The team is assigned to bring about the awareness of this innovative product and to create a different image from the other bag producers in the market. And to help to achieve the sales target set by the client Target Group The audience will be basically average males in their age of 18 to 25 years old. The trains (MRT) is their time saving machine, not forgetting the buses that allows a shorter cuts across the city.

Being constantly on the go, they have full of passion and are curious about the innovative and technology world. They are gamed enough to experience the different savy new aged equipment that are on the market. It is essential to have multi and convenience products on their body that will help to project a impressive image to any others. They also enjoy reading hip and fashion magazines to keep themselves updated with the ever changing trends of fashion. The shopping malls and internet are their weapons for any knowledge that they seek to find.

The target group are usually youngsters in search of a outstanding identity, They are very knowledgeable and sensitivity towards the “what’s new” on the market. As the spending power had become stronger over the years, money is no longer a factor to getting anything that they wish to obtain. The boblbee backpack is a complete change over from the usual haversack we can find on the market. As the product has a sleek hard shell that stands out from the crowd, it does attract attention and project a new age look.

On the whole the light backpack provides a multi functional and a kinder load to the user’s back.

Corporate Objective

“ To achieve a sales revenue of S$800K in the first year and a total of S$74 million in the next 3 years(at 5% increment)” Advertising Objectives “Within a year, to inform and educate the target audience of males between 18 to 25 who are innovators, trendy and outdoor type. And to instill awareness” As it is new to the market that we are presenting to, there is a strong need to established a ground for this innovative product for the first year.

So the revenue for the first year will be slightly slower as the ideas are to inform and educate the target audience. The consumers are constantly exposed to the ever quick moving fashion trends, by setting up a class of it’s own, would allows a good, stronger mind perceptions in consumers. Thus to attract and maintain the sales income will requires lots of reminders in the later part of the product cycle. Message Strategy Product positioning statement The “place” where a product occupies in a given market as perceived by the target audience is known as the product’s position.

Positioning involves determining the image we want the product to have in the consumers’ mind as well as developing and implementing promotional strategies to achieve the desire image. There are several strategies to position a product in the market such as using Product Application or using Price/Quality…etc. For this product we decided to use the Product Attributes, which is able the set the brand apart from competitors based on specific characteristics or benefits offered.

In fact it can help to position on more than one product benefit. It is important for the marketers to position their new product correctly so as to create awareness as well as to encourage the consumers on brand switching from competitors. The characteristics of the product that we want to emphasis to our consumers are that this bag is a durable, multi-functional product targeted for the new generation. We need to help the target audience to identify these benefits and their product acceptance to this innovative product in the new age.

These extraordinary features also help the consumers to generate a cool image if their purchase decision on this product is made. It helps to keep and also protect their sensitive equipments such as laptop or digital cameras from any damages during movement, as long as they are safely kept in the hardshell. “To position Boblbee as a superior brand apart from other bags like Outdoor, Campus, Deuter etc. With exceptional product attributes, to form a durable multi-functional bag that caters to the needs of new age, techno savvy, sporty individuals with a crave for design of innovations”.

Approach Our team has adopted Informative and argument approaches for our message presentation. As this is a new product to be introduced into the local market, these approaches can help to aggressively accelerate in brand presence. We regard this Boblbee backpack as a high involvement product since the target audiences are actively seeking information about this new product. Using the argument approach is also appropriate as the benefits from product features are not obvious to the target audience.

The main benefits such as the impact protection, bellow flex and lumbar support system. Impact protection- The boblbee monocoque hardshell provides optimal protection for sensitive products such as lap tops and cameras. Bellow flex- the boblbee quick lock, in combination with the unique bellow flux, allows flexible volume adjustment and easy access. Lumbar support system- lumbar support created by the innovative S-design separates the upper load area from the lower lumbar support area and provides excellent weight distribution and reduced stress on the back. It has achieved several Awards wining in …….

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