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Marketing Career Paper

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A marketing manager had the duty of overseeing all marketing, advertising, and promotional activities, as well as staff. They are also the people who create marketing strategies and meet organizational objectives.

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Marketing Career Paper

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. A marketing manager, overall, is the leader of the business’s marketing organization.All the jobs performed by a marketing manager require knowledge of the field, people skills, and problem solving skills. It is not a job where one learns on the job, one must know the skills before you start.

The average salary of a marketing manager is $107,610. One can work their way to making $138,470. The hours may vary for this job position. They work the average forty hours a week, plus some. With all their job requirements, they are expected to work extra to solve any problems or work on any project.One may also have to travel quite a bit. To become a project manager there are no set requirements and/or qualifications for the position.

This are is becoming very popular and has made the market for this job very competitive. It would be wise to obtain a degree, such as a masters in business or a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) certification. It would also be good to have “extensive experience in other marketing positions,” as well as having been a product manager.IT literacy is also a must. Although these can help one obtain the job, one does not have to have a certain amount of years or experience to become a product manager. The hours are varied and one must have a lot of commitment to do this job well. One must be willing to let go of certain activities.

The pay, however, is very good

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