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Sport’s Marketing as a Career

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In order to apply for any job opening one needs to have a resume of its own which is a summary of the education, skills and experience of an individual. It is one of the ways of screening job applicants therefore it is very important for a person to have a resume that is presentable and up to the mark. There are mainly three different formats of writing a resume, However there is no fixed pattern and it depends on an individual that which one does he chooses depending on the industry and ones own comfort.

The different forms are as follows:

Chronological Resume: This is the one of the most commonly used style which outlines the work experience in a reverse order, starting off from the most recent job towards the first one. This is best for those applicants who have a strong work history. Functional Resume: This type of resume focuses on individuals skills based on the job function. Combination Resume: This is somewhat a balance between the chronological and functional format resumes. It states the skills and the experience of an individual first and then the employment history.

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This format is relatively used less than the other two. I have used the Chronological format in my resume. I chose this since I have been associated with reputable organizations and this would give a quick and easy overview to my employer of my career path and achievements in a chronological manner as it sorts out the experience by date and highlights my most recent developments. Question 2 Sport’s marketing as a career Sports’ marketing is a career for those individuals who have the passion for Sports and who want to integrate this love with the business.

There are ideal jobs in this field since the entire media and television network these days is devoted towards the coverage of sports and the sporting events. The industry is dependent on the corporate sponsorships and the marketing in order to cover the huge costs of athletes, coaches and other related employees. Some of the jobs in this field are like working to acquire events sponsorships, becoming a sport marketing agent, event planner, event broker, event marketer, and work for sponsor created events and then there are opportunities on a global scale as well such as the Olympics and the world cup soccer.

In future the employment opportunities in this field are expected to rise as competition would be intense. This is a kind of a field where you can enter without any formal training, however in order to excel it is always better to acquire a degree in sports marketing. To start of with it is better to do some internship in this field after the education. Not all the colleges but still there are numerous universities that have added this degree in their undergraduate program due to the rising scope of this field and the interest of students. Some of the students offering this program are

This is just the general salary range of a typical sport marketing employee; however this range can vary depending on the industry, and the competition and individual skills of a person. Below is the salary range of a typical marketing person. Career as a Graphic designer Graphic designers are artists who use their creativity to find solutions to problems through illustrations, colors, photography, animations and numerous other layout and print techniques. They use computer software packages to aid them in their work. In order to become a graphic designer and to enter this field the best way is to acquire a degree in this area of study.

One can also acquire it after completing a course in some other program. The bachelors level programs and associate degrees are offered in many universities and colleges nowadays, it is a 2-3 years of program. Apart from the qualifications these individuals need to be very creative so they can communicate their ideas effectively on paper, verbally or visually. Some of the jobs that a graphic designer can undertake are such as a creative/art director, layout artist, logo designer, flash designer, multimedia designer, web designer, brand identity designer and so on. I would like to pursue my career in Sports marketing in the coming future.

This job suits my temperament and is an area of interest for me. Moreover this multibillion sports industry is full of opportunities and is growing huge with the passage of time and offering attractive salary packages. I have been associated with the admission department of my university recently and I have done management related job too in the past, I also have a degree in management and an experience of organizing, planning and control. I have leadership qualities and can lead a team therefore I believe this job in sports marketing would suit me. I want to see myself as the director of some sport marketing company in the future.

There is a long way to go and I am looking for the right kind of job and opportunity to enter this field and as soon as I get one I would switch my jobs. Tip Sheet • Internet is a place where one can find thousands of job opportunities at one time from all over the world. It connects the employer with the potential employees. • It can be very frustrating and time consuming looking for the appropriate career guide and job hunting sites. • It is important to be ware of the well known career networking websites. Use a good search engine in order to locate all the top sites for jobs and companies.

• Linkedln is one site that connects professionals in 200 countries and has executives from the fortune 500 companies as its members, and then there is Xing which is mainly popular in China and Europe. • Create a professional and impressive networking profile because first impression is the last impression on the employer who is looking for an applicant online. • Always have a resume that is ready to send • Try to be strategic by timing yourself and use the valuable time effectively rather than getting distracted on sites. • Use professional name, email and business phone in order to interact in professional networking

• Do not make cold contacts. First build a relationship with the potential employer that too with someone with common interest. • The photograph on the online profile should be of the person whose profile it is and it should be in formal business attire. • You should see all the jobs available • The use of suitable search words makes the work much quicker and lead to efficient job searching • It is advisable to save your searches as it will save your time in future • Smaller websites have relatively fewer job offerings but at the same time they have less competition for jobs. References

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