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Coconut tree is considered as a “Tree of life”. Philippines on the other hand, is among the second largest producer of coconuts in the world. The country comprised of 7, 107 in the islands. Monitoring and locating the coconut trees is an ideal of making the geographical Mapping system. Geographical Mapping defines as a visual representation of an area. It is a symbolic depiction in highlighting in relationships between elements of that space such as objects, regions.

In relation to this, geographical mapping of coconut trees is a visual representation of different plantations of coconut trees specifically in District II in the province of Negros Oriental. In geographical Mapping it can sees the lands of the plantations of the coconut trees, and vacant lands. Based on the interview with Mr. Trasmonte, Director PCA Negros Oriental, he cited the file management of coconut plantation in the province.

Currently, they are having some concerns regarding in storing the information and records of planters. Aside from that, there is no existing system that provides concrete location of the coconut plantations. In this case, the organization experienced difficulty most especially in implementing their projects. By the implementation of Geographical Mapping System using Google Map concrete location of coconut plantations and vacant lands in Negros Oriental specifically in District II will be visible .

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In this case, a web-based solution that provides detailed information is applicable for this project. In addition, the geographical mapping provides transparency of information regarding the status of the coconut trees. Aside from that, coconut trees have products that is needed for the survival of the communities. And it would enhance or increase the production of products of the coconut trees.

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