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Labor Relations – The International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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This paper discusses the organizational structure of International Brotherhood of Teamsters which is designed and implemented by the top executives for proper implementation and standard functioning of its various unions that are established everywhere now-a-days. The effectiveness of organizational structure with respect to its union members is too determined with numerous offerings and servings which are facilitated to its union members. Teamsters Structure

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the world’s largest labor union as well as the United States diverse union with 1. 4 million members. It is almost difficult today to recognize a Teamster on streets due to its far and wide existence. Everyone is represented by Teamsters union from A to Z including zookeepers as well as airline pilots. Every union possesses one Teamster member out of ten other members (Teamsters, 2010). Local Unions The local unions of Teamsters are hundreds in number across the North America.

Their members and the local unions are the backbone and heart of the union. The Teamsters Union is organized differently from other labor unions and promotes strong local leaders and strong local unions. Most of the Teamsters contracts are negotiated by the locals and much of the services are provided to the members and thus, much of the dues money are kept by them. The locals preserve its particular experienced clerical staff, organizers, full-time business agents, certified public accountants and expert labor lawyers (US Special Interest Groups, 2010).

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Each local union members design their own structure, opt own officers and vote for own bylaws which are most compatible in accordance with the Bylaws and International Constitution. The locals benefit from the assistance and expertise of various councils and conferences in the union’s structure. Apart from this, they also get professional support from the International Union while enjoying their independence (“Teamsters Union”). Joint Councils, Conferences and Trade Unions

The Joint Councils of Teamsters are organized in three or more local unions in different areas, the activities of which are coordinated by the Joint Councils accordingly. Some judicial and jurisdictional matters are also decided and solved by the Joint Councils. Teamster’s leaders, who share common problems and general interests throughout the country, are aided by the conferences and trade divisions. An informational clearinghouse is also provided to locals who bargain with same employer and negotiate in same industry.

Some general concerns and common problems are also discussed in conference meetings and regular trade division by local representatives (Teamsters, 2010). Execution of Unions The organizational and departmental structure of International Brotherhood of Teamsters' and its unions are designed and executed by the General Secretary-Treasurer and General President who are serving as the union's executive officers. Around 22 Vice Presidents, who are located at-large or geographically, are comprised in the General Executive Board.

At Convention, three trustees are elected to work as guard dogs across the international finances. The Constitution is amended and lending directions are measured and adopted by the locally elected Convention delegates who come to meet once in five years. The General Executive Board is the final governing body among Conventions who is guided by the Teamster Constitution. The officers are elected typically once in five years for the international union office for overall execution of Teamsters' unions (“Teamsters Union”). CONCLUSION

Thus, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is effective in serving the needs of its union members with regard to educational programs, training sessions, coordination of organizational activities, political actions and national contract negotiations, assistance from expert organizers, attorneys, researchers, negotiators as well as guidance from communications specialists, auditors and safety and health professionals (Teamsters Democratic Union, 2010). The effectiveness of aforesaid offerings and servings with respect to members unions are briefly determined below:

Educational Programs and Training Sessions: Union members are facilitated with various educational programs depending upon the needs and relevance of their duties and responsibilities for effective performance. Different training sessions are also held for upgrading the skills and adaptability of union members from time to time upon needs basis. Both the educational programs and training sessions are exclusively provided to union members as well as to Teamsters officers, stewards and business agents.

Support and Coordination: Union members get overall support for proper execution of union in accordance with the organizational needs and general concerns. The coordination is also provided for political action as well as national contract negotiations upon needs basis. Provision of Expert Professionals: Union members are encouraged for their dominant actions and their performance are enhanced through provision of expert organizers, researchers, negotiators and attorneys who furnish their worth knowledge, guidance and assistance.

More professional advices are too provided to union members through communications specialists, auditors and safety and health professionals. In short, the organizational structure of Internal Brotherhood of Teamsters is quite effective for its union members who provide various offerings and servings that help in the proper execution of union with respect to organizational needs and general concerns as may be required from time to time (Teamsters Democratic Union, 2010). References Teamsters (2010), Teamsters Structure, Retrieved on May 17, 2010 from http://www. teamster. org/content/teamsters-structure

“Teamsters Union”, Retrieved on May 17, 2010 from http://www. infoplease. com/ce6/bus/A0848030. html Teamsters Democratic Union (2010), How the Reform Movement has Changed the Teamsters Union (TDU History 1976-1979), Retrieved on May 17, 2010 from http://www. tdu. org/node/754 “Teamsters Union”, Retrieved on May 17, 2010 from http://www. opensecrets. org/orgs/summary. php? id=D000000066 US Special Interest Groups (2010), International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT: Teamsters), Retrieved on May 17, 2010 from http://usspecialinterestgroups. com/international-brotherhood-teamsters-ibt-teams

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