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Ladies and gentlemen, our professor dry. Carl Minoan, good morning! As I stand here in front of you, I'm still wondering why the Labor (pertaining to the employees), and the Management (the employers), of the organizations are experiencing conflicts, misunderstanding, issues arising and other things that both parties opposed each other's beliefs that tend to happen to build a Labor union on a specific organization, weird isn't?

Because I did not experienced those things in my organization even once though I am hearing complaints from my colleagues. I will share something to you, when I was a newbie in the company that I am working with, as an auditor I was able to checked and accessed all the necessary documents of our company, specifically the payroll. I discovered that not all employees were well compensated some are earning below minimum, we doesn't even have much benefits like health card, leaves more than 5 days, security of tenure, bonuses and allowance etc. But then nobody has the courage and strength to fight over the management to ask for those they believed that they should have been enjoying. I felt self-consciously bothered and concern to my fellow employees, that if they discover the big difference of their salary to those who are newbie, no experience young professionals and a newly grads from respected universities and colleges, they might feel envious and unfair for just earning such wages.

Maybe because a lot of them are afraid to lose their Job and might not be able to find a better job because mostly of my co-employees especially those who were at the age of ass's and above, those in the company for 10 ears and above were not a college graduate and they said they were just lucky that they have their Job for living, though they have a choice to leave the company.

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We are very few whom I believed lucky to earn and offered to have an aggressive Income. And most of them have a huge debt to the company, because our boss allows them to vale an average of 10,000 for every senior or old employees whom our boss considered them as loyalist, and which everybody thinks that this is the way that the management strategy to make their employee to stay longer.

In our company we have our own savings account, in which every payday it is deducted already on our salary and being deposited to our personal account, but we are not allowed to borrow It or get It even In the most In need situation, we are Just allowed to make cash advances to the company, but the approval of the amount of the cash advances that you can borrow to the company really depends on our boss, considering the reason why are you borrowing a money, your position, your years of working in the company, your revises vale and your performance; but if she is angry or not k with you, your request to have a cash advance might be rejected.

Yes we have salary Increase, the management every six months review the salary of the employees, and the increase depends to the performance of course, but the big factor for them to Increase your salary is if they like you or not. If they had a bad experience with you even once or even simple mistake you've made that they really did not forget, I tell you, just wait ND pray to the government to make a salary increase and that's the only way for you experience it. Our management was really very smart; most of the time they make the Increase as part of allowance of the employee so that it will not be Included in other employees.

Those people who hold a team or position, department heads and supervisors are those lucky that the management is giving importance, and giving what we deserved. And I can definitely say that they would really be a pro management. As I go along and I'm gaining knowledge about Labor Unions, I wish hat my co-employees especially those whom I believed need more than they are getting, for they have a definitely not an easy Job, they should ask help of those strong trade unions outside the organization, to help them to bargain their needs to the company for their own sake and for the benefit of the majority.

This company really needs a strong labor union. To the management, if they want to keep their employees welfare, they should give what their employees' needs because through this the management is not Just helping their employees, but this could play a major ole in the company, the employees will and might be an asset of the company by working so hard because they are getting what they think they deserved to have and this serves as a motivation to the workers.

Conflict will be minimized; strikes and boycotting will be prevented. Though we all know that salaries and wages are part of company's expenses, but employees are also an asset to the company, without them, production and operation will not be possible, every worker are important, every individual in the organization is essential. And as an auditor of the company I could ay that the company is really earning a lot, and these employees should exercise their rights.

I could say, even if the labor union does not exist in the company, both the labor and the management should have set a meeting or forum to talk about the goal of both parties, whether for the sake of the company as a whole or as individual, through meetings of their department heads or managers, so that both parties needs and wants for a harmonious relationship and for both parties benefits could meet; or else better seek help to outside labor or trade unions.

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