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Kingdom By the Sea

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And loving young boy named Harry who Is a very Intelligent person who has to go through different situations and as he does we learn more and more about his character as it unfolds throughout the book. We learn that he can easily adapt to problematic situations and learn new and vital skills quickly and easily for his journey of survival. Harry lost absolutely everything after his house got bombed during World War Two. Through this we learn more and more about his character. As Harry was lying on the beach, a dog came up to him. Harry looked on the collar and the address read, 12 Lauderdale Terrace and the name read, Don.

Lauderdale Terrace had been bombed about three weeks ago; the poor dog was in the same situation as Harry, homeless, nowhere to go. Harry has now got a companion to be with, he Is now no longer lonely. Harry relationship with Don shows us that Harry Is a caring person ready to help and Is not selfish. Harry and Don continued their journey of survival together and became closer and closer through the different situations they went through together. The obstacles that Harry encountered and his relationship with Don vastly affected his personality.

As Harry lay on the beach thinking about what he would do for money he embedded his father's voice, "Don't flap around like a wet hen. Think! ". Then he remembers he did have some money, 17 pounds and 10 shillings, in the Trustee Savings Bank. He came across a problem, where was the bankbook? He soon realized that it was In the attach© case he had been carrying around with him. He got the bankbook out of the case and soon felt terribly guilty, he was never allowed to look inside the case. Harry quickly grabbed his bankbook and slammed the case shut. This shows us that Harry respects his Mum and Dad even though they are dead.

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Harry is a respectful boy. Harry uses his money wisely so it will last him longer. This tells us that Harry is a wise person who is very cautious in making the money last. When Harry and Don spent a night in a farmer's barn and the farmer attacked Harry in a vicious and inhumane way, Don bit the farmer to help Harry escape. This indicates Don's undying love for Harry, which means they have developed a strong bond. When the farmer attempted to shoot Don with his shotgun, Harry retaliated and hit the farmer very hard on the back with a fence post. The farmer said "Christ, kid... I think you've broken me back".

The farmer was In excruciating amounts of pain and was asking Harry to help him In a desperate manner. Harry turned his back and said "Get Lost". This shows us a completely different aspect of Harry character, in defensive over Don, which indicates that they have formed a very strong relationship with each other. In order to survive Harry has to lie to other people because otherwise he will get caught and most likely be taken to an orphanage of some sort. Lying was not part of Harry character before the war but he had to forfeit some of his strong values to survive in this new world of mayhem.

Earlier in the book when Harry was in the chip shop he had to lie to the man at the counter because if he had told him that he was homeless and did not have any parents, the shopkeeper would probably alert the police and Harry would be taken away. When he was in the chip shop he cried as well so he would gain sympathy from people around him. This is shown when a woman in the chip shop says "Leave the poor brain alone, for God's sake, what's he ever done to you, Jim". This indicates that Harry is aware that anything that he says or does will affect him in a big way. It also shows that Harry plan is working and he's on the right track.

Even though his dad had told him not to cry or lie, tears and lies seemed to be the only things that were effective nowadays. Since the explosion Harry has had to learn independence and to mature quickly, he has applied skills that he had learned in school to look after himself. He used sand to clean his body and used salt to clean his teeth. This shows us that Harry listened in class time because he has been able to apply these simple survival strategies. It also indicates that Harry is aware that he has to keep his hygiene up to date so he will be accepted in the local towns, nobody liked a dirty, scruffy kid.

Harry found himself in need if shelter. He was walking along the beach thinking hard when he found himself upon an upturned boat. He walked up to it and realized that it could be his new home for the meanwhile. This shows us that Harry was inventive and resourceful. Harry confidently befriends an adult, named Artier, who is part of the army. Harry and Artier become close friends however Harry still has to lie about his homeless status. Harry becomes popular amongst the beaches soldiers and then becomes the Sergeant's errand boy.

This tells us that Harry has grown in confidence, as he is able to develop bonds with the surrounding adults. The events since the explosion, have shaped Harry character in diverse ways. Harry has been forced to learn many new skills during his Journey of survival. He has developed valuable character traits through his strong bond with Don, he has had to mature quickly and become his own parent. Harry character is developed in various situations and learn new and vital skills for his Journey of survival. Harry is a very intelligent young boy and we find out more and more about him as the novel moves

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