Shelov’s Essay Opposes Parents Skipping Vaccinations for Their Kids

Last Updated: 31 May 2023
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Vaccination Saves the Lives of the Innocent Children

In his argumentative and persuasive essay "Parents Should Not Be Allowed to Opt Out of Vaccinating Their Children", Steven Shelov expresses his stance which he encourages vaccination for the youth. As a professor of pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Shelov has a high substantial knowledge of the vaccinations and its reactions to the patients. Even though he admits that vaccinations are not guaranteed to save the lives of the children from diseases and it occasionally has negative reactions, he still is able to oppose those flaws.

He arouses the emotions of fear and relief and he also provides logical reasoning of the inevitable consequences to the parents if they refuse to vaccinate their children. Shelov applies ethos, logos and pathos in order to strengthen his persuasive and argumentative stance that parents should allow to vaccinate their children in order to prevent an increase rate of epidemics.

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Shelov provides credibility of his medical status and credits other scientists in order to enrich his stance of the vaccines. Shelov introduces the various diseases that children may obtain when they are not vaccinated by trusted doctors. He assures that "if the U.S. population... regards immunizing children as optional, we risk having large numbers of children becoming vulnerable to the most deadly diseases".

He generalizes the consequences that are bound to happen if vaccination is served as an option. He states his passionate opposition to that consequence by labeling himself as a "practicing pediatrician". This credibility of his character helps the parents to trust the vaccinations because he maintains proficiency of this medical field. Since he obtains knowledge about the diseases and he has experiences of taking vital care to the children, this lures the parents to his follow beliefs and opinions that vaccinations are necessary to protect their children. Shelov also provides credit to other doctors and scientists and also encourages parents to appreciate them.

Shelov states that "We should be thankful to our research scientists, epidemiologists, and medical and pharmaceutical industry". Shelov lauds the hardworking and dedicated scientists and doctors that only seek to promote public health safety and their intentions to protect the people. His praise and creditability shows that parents should appreciate these live savers as they work hard to discover the various diseases and their intent to protect their patients. Furthermore, this would encourage the parents to trust them because they are reliable and they have earned their prestigious statuses. Shelov credits himself and medical doctors and scientists in order to influence the parents to protect their children from diseases by vaccination.

Shelov provides logical reasoning and statistics in order to respond to the opposing opinions and concerns about the vaccines. Shelov responds to various questions concerning about the vaccinations with supporting events that happened in the past. One of the questions centers the possible consequences if the child is not immunized. Shelov lists the possible diseases as the consequences including whooping cough, polio, and measles. With the vaccinations, it would decrease the growth of these diseases. He uses statistical information to prove his stance. He states that "In 1960 there are more than 1.5 million of cases of measles... as a result of our active immunization process in 1998 the United States had only 89 cases of measles and there were no deaths." He uses statistics from a past event in order to convince the parents that immunization is such a powerful and effective practice. In some cases, immunization does have negative reactions.

He admits that by saying "occasionally-very occasionally- children have been known to experience a bad, or adverse, reaction to a vaccine." Even though he admits that immunization process is not perfect and it does have its negative effects, he expresses that "the risks from these potentially dangerous childhood illness are far greater than any risk of serious reaction from immunization". He shows logical reasoning that children are a lot safer to take vaccines than to suffer the diverse diseases that spreads to humans daily. He assures that there is a greater chance for the children to be contacted with the diseases than the occasional reactions of the vaccines. If parents refuse to vaccinate their children, then they are putting even more danger to their child. Shelov uses logos in order enhance and rebuttal his argument.

Shelov appeals the emotions fear and sympathy in order to convince parents that they should immunize their children. Shelov seems to have a calm tone while discussing about his stance. However, he still appeals the emotion fear to the parents. He states that; "Allowing parents to opt out of vaccinating their children would endanger public health". He evokes fear that if vaccination is not taken to practice, it would cause danger of the human race. Furthermore, he arouses the emotion fear by stating "Without immunizations the children of the United States would be exposed to deadly diseases". Shelov assures that the lack of immunizations practices would cause the children to be exposed from the deadly diseases. This creates fear to the parents because they are heavily concerned of their children's safety and health. One of the questions concerns that if the immunization would hurt the child.

Shelov answers "immunization may hurt a little when they are given, and your baby may cry for a few minutes, and there might be some swelling, protecting your child's health is worth a few tears". Even though the immunization may cause temporary pain, he states that it is "worth" it because it would eventually save the child lives. He gives his sympathy of the child's pain but he also expresses the main emotion relief because the child is now safe from the diseases that can permanently affect them. Shelov arouses fear and relief in order to encourage parents to vaccinate their children.

Shelov argues that vaccinations are vital to be used for the children in order to secure public health safety. He uses ethos, logos, and pathos to enrich and strengthen his stance about vaccinations. He uses creditability of scientists and doctors to remind the parents of their hard work to discover the diseases and their efforts to protect the community. Shelov provides logical reasoning such that children would be safer of taking the vaccines than to not be vaccinated which causes infections and diseases entering their immune system. Furthermore, he provides statistics of a past event to lure the parents to vaccinate their children. Lastly, he appeals the emotions of fear and relief that centers on vaccinations. Shelov encourages parents to immunize their children by vaccination.

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