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No Cell Phones for Kids

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Cell phone is considered as an important thing in human life nowadays. We no longer rely on public phones that once we did. The cell phones users are not only people that come from the working class, but also children. Is cell phone really that important? There are a lot of disadvantages of using mobile phones which involves children from age six until thirteen. Some people might think that kids should have cell phones. However, I do believe that kids should not have cell phones.

Health, financial and social issues are among of the topics that related with the disadvantages of using cell phones for children. Cell phones can be a distraction and used for bullying. Cell phones can be an easy method for cheating is true, too. Also, cell phones can result in sleep deprivation. Spending a lot of time for using cell phones can result in poor grades. Additionally, Phone use can hamper family interaction. Children’s health affected from the use of cell phones because it contains magnetic waves.

Cell phones contain magnetic waves which is dangerous to human especially young children who immune system does not enough develop yet. They might suffer a severe disease such as brain cancer. Compare to the adult, the children have the potential to be affected is higher. Thus, the use of cell phones affected the children health. Also, it takes time away from children to go out and run with their friends. They prefer to play games or talk to each other by texting rather than to play outside.

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Another issue that related with cell phones is financial. When the parents let their children to use cell phone from the early age, they tend to get distracted and use it without any limitation. Children will not consider the amount that have to pay when they use the cell phone. Moreover, they tend to follow the latest style of cell phones. They will want to buy the latest cell phones’ design or buy the cell phone’ gadgets, without even considering the amounts they have wasted.

Therefore, cell phones have caused bad effect for financial. The most affected is children social style in terms of friendship and love. In friendship, they are likely to procrastinate when they started to text their friend. They will chit chat until the wee hours in the morning and left their school work. What make it worst is when the fall in their relationship. They will start to bring their phone everywhere and text their partner whenever they can.

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