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Negative Effects of Technology on Kids

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Are you aware of what’s happening in the present? Youth has becoming more active in using the internet and other modern technology nowadays. But do you know what the effects of this are? After you took long hours in front of the computer, are you dizzy and running out of breath? Feeling thirsty and very hot, your eyes can’t see clearly, and your hands and fingers are shaking and tired of typing? Do you also know that if that is repeatedly happening to you, it may lead to a disorder or illness you haven’t known for sure? Too much radiation is bad for us and has bad effects to our health, so be aware.

Technology does not only affect our health, but also other aspects of our life. As I browse the internet, I have come across this article entitled The Effects of Modern Technology on Kids by Lisa Evans. This tackles about the four negative effects of technology on kids. First is the effect on brain development of a child. UCLA Professor Patricia Greenfield said that while students create multitasking ability and visual reasoning skills which enable them to see and process information quickly, their attention p has also decreases.

In a result, they are having a hard time to solve more complex problems which require time and concentration. Technology makes the thinking skills weak and although it strengthens visual reasoning skills, it also contributes to poor eye sight. Second is about the disadvantages on immediate access to information. With the internet becoming the source of all, students tend to become lazy and just depend on all the information given from the internet. But anyone who is not so careful and knowledgeable about surfing the internet may lead to a danger.

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Not all the information there are facts, truthful, and reliable because most of them are edited, and some sites are x-rated or pornographic, so it is very important for the parents to monitor their children about the source they will find. Third, concerning about social relationships, modern technology has also affected this. Instant messaging through cell phones and chatting through social networking sites have been a way to communicate of the present generation. Because of this, youth became used to keep in touch with other people impersonally.

In addition, they are not anymore going outside their houses to play with other children, and socialize or talk to other people. Last is the effect of technology on the health of youth. More and more students at this time are suffering to neck and back pain because of improper posture using laptops and computers. According to Ken Harwood of the American Physical Therapy Association, there is also an increase in the diagnosis of repetitive stress injuries among the kids with the age of at least 8 years old.

In the final analysis, although innovation and improvement on technology brings about development and benefits to people, we can still identify the disadvantages of it to our lives especially to youth. We should be responsible in using modern technology because every act we do affects us. It is better to be careful than to take the risk of doing the things which entertain us, but have negative results. Before we end up regretting in doing the wrong thing, let us think first and follow the right path.

Negative Effects of Technology on Kids essay

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