Jetty Rats Rite of Passage Notes

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Jetty Rats is a novel set in the sass's, written by Phillip Gwynne on the 6th of February 2004. The story is primarily about three kids called Hunter, Storm and Jasmine that go through the rite of passage in which they are all confronted with at some point in their adolescent lives. Hunters only goal in life is to catch a record breaking Mallow so he could make his dad proud, sadly Hunter's dad disappeared when Hunter was eight years old whilst fishing on the rocks.

Although everyone knows he's not coming jack, Hunter doesn't seem to accept it. These are the stages Hunter goes through that tell us he has gone through the Rite of Passage. The first issue that was stated is family. At the beginning of the novel Hunters dad was swept out to sea while fishing at his favorite spot on the rocks. Hunter thinks that it is Drill's fault that his dad went missing, because that day Drill was supposed to go fishing with his dad, but didn't. Drill let his dad break the rule of fishing on rocks "Thou Shall Not Fish On Your Own" which lead to his dad's disappearance.

Hunter didn't accept his dad is robbery never coming back until the end of the novel when Hunter throws out his dads old rusty razes he had kept for five years and said "Bloody extraterrestrials. Must've done him ages ago" The second issue in the story is friendship. Hunters best friends, Storm and Jasmine are all very different from each other and unique In there own way. They're the group that consists of four members in Dogleg bay known as the "Jetty Rats". First there is there Is Storm and Jasmine (The twin girls Hunter calls The Photocopies) and Hunters best friend, Miracle and of coarse, Hunter.

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